As you take a moment or two to read these words, I’d like to remind you of the benefits of taking regular, small pockets of time out of your day to slow and nourish your soul. Such times are vital for obtaining inner rest and peace.

Because we all need space to pause. Room to be and breathe. Time to slow down in a world that never stops. I’m offering just that for you today. Just a moment or two to read something which will help you to reconnect with the inmost part of yourself.

In the short prayer whisper below, God spoke His words of wisdom to me. I’m sharing them because we could all use a reminder to pause and pray. Our days and our bodies function better when we make space to still, listen and hear from God. May these few words bless and encourage your heart today, my friend.

Prayer Whisper: Being in the moment

“Slow down. Slow down. Your mind is racing ahead to all the potential possibilities, worries and concerns of the day before you. Only one thing is needful right now. Relax in My Presence, My Rest, My Peace and calm.

Let Me shine My Love-Light upon you, bringing greater clarity of thinking as it soothes your fretful heart. Time spent in this way will reap huge benefits for body and soul.

It is only in the silent stilling of your soul that you are able to hear My voice clearly. There are too many things that distract and fight for your attention.

Listen. Listen to Me that your soul might live. Humble yourself before Me. I will pour My wisdom into receptive hearts.

There is fullness of Joy in My Presence. You need never leave the sacred place empty. Here is meeting place between heaven and earth. Here is Holy ground. You touch the eternal in the temporal.

Respect this moment. Make time to commune with Me. I will show you the things you need to do. I will provide everything necessary for this day. And I will fill you with My Spirit. Which will enable you to be a shining light for others.”

moment - being in the moment prayer whisper quote (C)joylenton

Another soul reminder for you to savour

PS: I am sharing small Soul Snippets this month on my Facebook page and on Instagram. We’re currently looking at Attitude Atoms, which cover various toxic emotions and their spiritual remedy. Today’s is about shame. You can access it here and here. 🙂