Simplicity is a word God has been whispering to me for several years. I heard it first as a call to declutter and downsize but failed to sense its ongoing purpose for my life as a harbinger of rest and peace. Now it’s to become my defining word for 2023.

I yearn for simplicity. Maybe you do, too? Sadly, good intentions can fall by the wayside when we’re blindsided by the tribulations and trials of life.

We did manage to clear a significant amount of extraneous stuff before we moved house just over 18 months ago, which was a big help, but our bungalow has gradually become pretty full since then.

And our shed is bursting at the seams with sentimental paraphernalia and paperwork to sift and sort through, and lots of items to donate or throw away once we can get round to it.

Yet a “round tuit” is in short supply, it seems. Perhaps what is lacking is consistent motivation and sufficient energy and strength to make much progress. And that’s just with the visible mountain needing to be scaled.

Because I’m also aware of the heavy soul baggage I’ve been carrying around for years and which needs to be addressed. God is slowly, slowly helping me unearth, unravel and understand just what to deal with and when.

I’m seeking/needing to take the gentle path because it’s all that I am capable of. My mind and body are apt to protest at haste. It might be that my previous thoughts about simplicity have altered over the intervening months. I’m open to finding out.

What will that look like in this space? A space I’ve unintentionally left vacant for months despite my desire to return and blog more frequently, but getting stalled by worsening health problems, SAD, sheer weariness, and a family bereavement.

Perhaps, as Joseph Campbell says, “We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.” and reach a place of acceptance before we can achieve soul simplicity and contentment.

When tides aren’t favourable we have to accept that we’re going to be beached for a bit, like bare branches waiting for buds in spring, unable to do more than the essential, even though we long to bloom again.

As we inch into 2023, simplicity for me looks like going with the flow but not stressing if it simply isn’t there at all. It might mean writing shorter posts (do I hear you cheering?) sporadically until my health improves.

It suggests I listen more closely to the holy whispers that guide my steps, lean most into what suits me best for whatever season I might be in, receive grace, and learn to give it to myself while I’m in a set aside, waiting place.

Together we can listen, lean, receive, and learn how to simplify our souls, our homes, our lives, one small step at a time.

Feel free to chip in, my friend, and share how you’re situated right now so I can pray for you. I’ve so missed the conversations we used to have. Xx 😊💜