Like the autumnal leaves, in the act of letting go of what doesn’t suit you or your soul right now, you are at your most beautiful even if you feel bereft, empty, lost, leafless, and vulnerable.

Because then your arms will be free to receive all the blessings, the goodness, the grace gifts, the love about to come your way. They might be hidden, concealed, invisible to your eyes, though in time to come they will provide a rich and glorious sight.

Deep within the act of surrender itself, the letting go as you yield, lies a furled tight, tiny seed, a potential new grown leaf full of life and vitality, that will eventually become revealed. It awaits its time to bud and open up, to blossom and shine, to blaze bright and beautiful for itself, for God and for others.

So you must not give up when hardship comes and the wintry winds of adversity blow. They might seek to rattle and disturb your soul and steal your peace, but there is joy to be found in the simple act of release.

Don’t let yourself be laid low by the testing of your faith, your patience, and your hope, for you are actually growing stronger on the inside, incubating the beautiful fruit soon to arrive.

It is seen only in those who do not give up or lose heart. Surrender must have its way with you, be accepted as the best, most receptive path whereby you will exercise your faith, learn patience, endurance, great resilience, and be shaped by grace.

Hard as it is to lay down your flawed thoughts, negative habits, toxic relationships and mindset, those ill-fitting clothes you’ve dressed your soul in, they will be transformed into garments fit for a royal queen or king.

A Holy hand is at work within, touching you with his love, his power, his grace, providing a better, alternative way to live. He teaches us that the very act of letting go is but the first step to lasting, transformative change, inner healing, maturity and growth.