When a birthday looms on the horizon (like mine does this weekend), we can be apt to focus on the ravages of time and fail to see ourselves as beautiful in the here and now. Comparison steals our joy if we focus most on the physical. There’s so much more to us than that. especially if we pluck up courage to ask God the following questions:

“How do you see me today, Jesus? When you look at me closely, when you study me, what do you see? Help me see myself as you do.” 

“The only reflection that really matters is the reflection we see in God’s loving and joyous eyes. What does he see? What does he say? He says we are beautiful now.” – ‘Beautiful Now: 90 Days of Experiencing God’s Dreams for You’ by Stasi Eldredge

Rediscovering how beautiful we are – prayer whisper

“My dear child, I see you as light and lovely, radiant and joy-filled, happy and bright, with a smile on your face and eyes lit up from the glow inside of you. I see you exuberant and energetic, full of vibrancy and vitality.

I see you as beautiful and precious. You are like a sparkling jewel as you live, move and breathe in My Kingdom’s air. It is one of liberty and light, fullness and invitation to taste the so much more I always have to reveal to you.

beautiful quote - prayer whisper excerpt

I see you being the person you were always meant to be. A girl who knows herself to be accepted, cherished, treasured and loved. A shining light for Me. A warm and wonderful woman who others delight to keep company with.

There are no lingering dark or sad shadows. You have no pain playing across your features or burning into your muscles and joints. No disability or deformity. I see lithe, graceful freedom of movement and a dancing spirit being released.

I see you blooming with creativity. Nothing is off limits for you. You are full of ideas and have the capacity to carry them out with insight and ease. You are living into the promise of the seeds I planted in you many years ago.

I see wisdom in your heart and mind. You are a joy-bringer for those who need the encouragement, discernment and knowledge you possess. You have no hesitation in sharing your experiences and learning from those who are further along than you are.

When I study you I see no flaws, because I am looking through the lens of My glorious Son. You radiate and reflect His goodness and grace. I see no imperfection in you, My Beloved. Rather I see dazzling delight and My heart overflows at the sight of you.

beautiful - no flaws quote excerpt @wordsofjoy.me

I know you can barely take in the things I have said. The automatic negative voice in your head seeks to silence My words and deny their reality. But your aching, childlike heart yearns to receive confirmation of how lovely you are and how much I appreciate everything about you and always have.

Read these words over and over and again. Absorb the truth I am saying. Never let yourself become dispirited because of the way you look, act or feel. I am completely aware of it all but I also see beyond it all to the woman who you truly are in Me.”

“How beautiful you are, my darling! Oh, how beautiful! Your eyes behind your veil are doves.” —Song of Songs 4:1 NIV

The good news for you and me is that we can rest in our God-given loveliness. We can trust we are being perfected by God’s love for us. We can delight in being beautiful now, just as we are.

Jesus is inviting us to relax in the beauty he has bestowed upon us - quote from Stasi Eldredge

**Friends, I am slowly returning to blogging. God willing, a post will appear around every two to four weeks as I find my feet again. Thank you for your patience!** 🙂