Have you tried spending time alone with God via your prayerful imagination? Once when I was praying I pictured a quiet place to be alone with God. It was like a “safe place” shielding me from harm, and somewhere I can return to any time I want to, especially when life gets tough. This is what I saw…

Beach encounter – Prayer Whisper

I’m walking on a deserted beach. Wind whips through my hair. Waves rise, swell and foam, then gently roll along the shore. I observe seagulls circling overhead and fill my lungs with the tantalising tang of sea air.

There are clumps of sand dunes close by. And I see two striped deck-chairs, rippling like waves themselves, inviting me to be seated. I lower myself into one and discover You already companion me there.

Our eyes drink in the view. They scan a lighthouse in the distance and You remind me You are our soul’s anchor, our true beacon. You’re our Source of eternal light, beaming down on a darkened world.

place - our true beacon quote - lighthouse - beach @wordsofjoy.me

You are also the wind ruffling my hair, the soft slip of sand, the pull and tug of sea and ocean’s depth. You cause movement in the air as You breathe out beauty all around, wrapping everything with joy and peace.

How I feel as I walk with God

I feel giddy with happiness, while I sense sun’s rays penetrating clothes and warming my face. They owe their fire, radiance and vibrancy to You too. Frail human flesh cannot get too close to heat of sun. But we are invited to draw near to the Son of God’s welcoming presence and discover He always has a place for us.

“And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am” – John 14:3 NIV

I feel young, energised, more alive than ever before. All my senses are alert and enjoying the view. Majestic cliffs rise before us and You whisper how much they resemble Christ. He is the solid, dependable Rock we can always cling to in every storm.

Time seems endless as we gently converse, until I eventually spot larger spreads of shade appearing, as sun starts to set in golden splendour. I watch, mesmerised, as the sky is alive with magenta, indigo, crimson and tangerine hues. They are all somehow blended together in this glorious goodbye to the day.

place - quote - Christ is the solid, dependable Rock we can always cling to in every storm - @wordsofjoy.me

Safety when we’re on our own

When I glance beside me to share my joy with You, I realise You are gone. My heart sinks as low as the sun. Then I hear Your voice reminding me that as you slip from sight Your Spirit lingers on, singing an eternal song in my heart.

I gather my thoughts as I reflect on these words. Then I pull a cardigan over my shoulders and sigh with contentment. Because You never really leave me alone. Your loving presence is continual in this world. And I can always return to our special place whenever I want to.

Listening and feeling secure

Our hearts can be easily unsettled and disturbed, can’t they? What helps me is to turn to God in prayer and remember the glorious promises in His word, as I spend time listening to Him. Prayer is a dialogue between us and God and a relationship built on trust. Faith, spiritual maturity and growth expand as we learn to listen better and act on the holy nudges we receive.

“My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me” – John 10.27 NIV

How has God revealed Himself to you recently or reassured you when you were feeling sad or alone? Feel free to share in the comments below. 🙂 x

place - prayer is a dialogue - quote @wordsofjoy.me