Life is so hectic, with our concentration divided between various screens and numerous calls for our attention. Surely having small but meaningful snippets to savour would be a welcome relief all round? In the form of something that’s easily digestible during a coffee break, perhaps? β˜•πŸ©

Just think of it: no scrolling through tons of thoughts or long, descriptive prose. Instead, we receive a short, daily reflection to mull over as we get on with other stuff. Sounds good, right?Β So good, in fact, that I am putting it into action, while I recover sufficient energy and strength to do more at a later date.

Soul Snippets and priorities

I long to reconnect more frequently with you. ButΒ I want to prioritise quality over quantity.Β To get us accustomed to a slightly different way of doing things, I’m offering you a pared back, regular read during October. Some soul snippets, to be precise.

A snippet is a small, and often interesting piece of news, information or conversation or it’s a small part of something. In each day’s tiny offering you will find something small but relevant, relating to life and faith. πŸ—ž

Here’s what’s on offer: Holy Nuggetslittle gems gained from experience,Β Attitude Atoms – stirring ways to transform our thoughts andΒ Encouragement Morsels – uplifting soul snacks.

Soul Snippets #31days of little thoughts to feed your soul (C)joylenton @wordsofjoy

A minimalist way to do #write31days

I aim to serve up these soul shots each day during October. In keeping with my simplicity goals, they will be on my Words of Joy Facebook page and Instagram account instead of this site. It’s the best way for me to conserve energy and still contribute to the #write31days challenge.

I didn’t expect to join in at all, until God reminded me that small can be beautiful and hadn’t He been drip feeding me these snippets for a purpose? So I acquiesced, despite it looking humanly impossible, because God gave the green light to go ahead and trust.

Last year I scaled down to writing a daily haiku on my Poetry Joy blog. You can access that series here. This year I am reducing even more, with no extraneous fluff, no pressure to put it all out on the blog. Phew! 😏

Recap and response

Just to recap before we start: you won’t see Soul Snippets popping into your inbox but only by visiting my Words of Joy Facebook page and Instagram account. Please feel free to leave comments there. Thanks very much!

And afterwards? I would love you to feed back to me. If you enjoy these soul snippets and shorter posts, please let me know. During October my words here might be few but I still want to keep in touch with you.

I am planning to get a newsletter out to email subscribers soon, so do look out for that too. Not a subscriber yet?Β No problem. SimplyΒ sign up below to receive my posts and seasonal newsletter.

Gratitude for you

Thank you for sticking with me during my long absence here over the summer months. And for your patience with my continuing health challenges. It means a lot. Sending blessings, love and prayers to you, my friends, until I am able to write here again. And a little haiku (below) to cheer your soul, if SADΒ makes it feel disconsolate as autumn creeps in. xo πŸ˜ŠπŸ’œπŸ™

snippet - colours of his love - haiku - Β© joylenton