As I listen in the dreamy halfway space between sleep and waking, I hear a sound that is music to my ears. Yes, rain at last! After a few days of unseasonable heatwave here, I feel like standing outside, letting drops trickle over me.

But I restrain myself, content to snooze and listen longer, allow refreshment to seep into my soul by the osmosis of imagination alone. Rain brings more than refreshment to earth’s  cracked, dry and dying places, dusty ground and thirsty flowers.

it also soothes our ears like a lullaby, makes the air itself come alive as we breathe more freely. I appreciate the way my body reacts more favourably to lower temperatures, preferring the coolness of rain rather than heat. Joints ache less and fatigue is often not as acute as before.

[bctt tweet=”Because we all need room for our souls to breathe, to inhale fresh air of renewal, restoration”]

And today, as I listen beyond the splashing sounds, it brings thoughts which lend themselves well to poetry…

Listen to heaven’s heartbeat

I listen to the steady drumming

of the rain, hearing it bounce,

resound off ground and window pane

Listen harder for the heartbeat

of the universe, wrapped up in

rhythm, beating time like verse


Echoes of eternity are seen

in daily outpouring of grace

As I listen deeper I think

each drop reflects unstoppable

Love showered on us freely

from heaven above, touching flowers,


refreshing hearts, lavishly given

Each day offers opportunity

to harken to God’s call, listen

intently to Word spoken forth

as Voice causing tremors on earth,

stirring souls now in its thrall


And I find I ache inside

because my soul is parched

I need to listen, to receive

hints of God’s presence revealed

as life-giving water and seed



[bctt tweet=”Listening to God’s wondrous ways in the world sparks words and enhances gratitude”]

We are made weak with wonder the longer we pause and reflect on the myriad ways God seeks to claim our attention. Rain did that for me today.

What is speaking to you, my friend?

What helps you to hear God’s footprints in this world?

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