Pain was present but I’d been pretending to myself, and to God, denying its reality as I pushed feelings aside, stuffed them down in a misguided attempt to seem okay, to negate the negative clawing away within. Maybe you can relate?

I didn’t want to admit that this new ‘normal’ didn’t sit well with me, especially as necessary adjustments had been made to accommodate my beloved being sick, physically in pain for months, relying on me to be strong for both of us.

There was no other option apart from gritting our teeth and going through as we traversed this new territory. I willingly laid aside my usual pursuits in order to help him, unreservedly invested in supporting his recovery and healing.

Fumbling through each day, I somehow neglected to acknowledge an ache growing on the inside, a heart’s cry desiring change in our circumstances. How I longed to turn back the clock, restart summer.

Then one day, God reminded me how each thing we go through becomes the moulding of you and me, our continual shaping into Christ-likeness. Our lives are not set in concrete and neither should we be. Flexibility is a virtue when life tilts us sideways.

[bctt tweet=”We grow most by bending in our brokenness, yielding and leaning on God, surrendering everything”]

Tests, trials and life’s afflictions sear us, playing their part in producing broken lives and broken hearts, but they don’t have the final say on who we are in Christ and what we are becoming by His grace.

Prayer Whisper: ‘Name your pain’.

capture the moment WoJ + Prayer Whisper“You have to openly acknowledge your pain; you have to stop concealing it in distractions. Instead of hiding yourself from My presence, I invite you to come closer. Believe you are My precious, dearly beloved child. Allow Me to wrap arms of comfort and love around you.

You’re struggling to stay strong because you are relying on your own strength more than drawing freely from Mine. I know it is hard to concede your weakness on a daily basis. Pride tends to trip you up in this area and you become blind to your self-sufficiency pulling you away from Me.

There is no shame in sharing how hurt you feel, how much you ache inside, how hard it seems when your hopes and dreams appear to have shrivelled and died. It is time for a reality check. Maybe some of your dreams had more to do with pure ambition than they had My seal of approval.

Sometimes I plant a seed in your heart that is slow to grow. At other times you experience distress  because you long for things that are not My best plan for you. Remember to stay rooted in My word, to abide close by My side. Then you will be well placed to hear whispers of wisdom, words of discernment to guide you through the maze of choices and decisions to make each day.

Reflect on Scripture as you allow it to renew your mind and inform your life. Spend time airing your concerns to Me and listening for ways in which I reveal how to deal with them.

My heart aches for you when I see you soldiering on regardless, forgetting to seek My presence. I know every worried thought you have, and I long to take the burdens from you.”

It’s humbling to realise we have neglected to seek God’s face in the midst of our mess. Thankfully, He stands ready to receive us whenever we become aware of being absent, offering hope and help when we stop to listen to Him.

[bctt tweet=”In yielding to God we learn to become better rather than bitter, soft and malleable instead of hard”]

It pays to own our pain, to admit when we are hurt and struggling, to allow family, friends and loved ones to support us.

Primarily, we need to let God into the situation. Even if things don’t change or improve, our ability to cope will increase when we’re enveloped with His light, love and peace. There is grace to cover everything, always.

name your pain - prayer whisper