We unite or fall. Held together by a cause greater than all.

It doesn’t matter what genes you have or what gender or generation you belong to. They don’t define you.

You’re more than your situation, sensibilities and sensitivities.

The things that unite us as believers in Christ are stronger than those that divide.

In Christ we are all being made whole. In Him we all receive mercy, grace and forgiveness.

We don’t have to wear a badge of belonging – or even a crucifix – to show our allegiance to God.

We don’t need to demonstrate or remonstrate.

[bctt tweet=”What signals our unity as Christians is the love we have for God and one another.”]

Let’s unite together as brothers and sisters who link hearts across oceans.

Who are being made fearless by faith. Who are made weak with wonder at God’s goodness and grace.

We join hands, break bread, raise voices, link arms, cry, pray and do life together.

Some, like me, miss the traditional services and sermons, the gathering in groups in church buildings; we remain on the edge of things.

But we still find our kith and kin, seek out sisters of solidarity, brothers of familiarity, our adopted family of faith wherever we may find them.

God will unite us in unity with fellow believers, helping us find our spiritual home with them.

Because it’s those things we share, the common denominators, which cancel out the perceived differences.

No colour or creed, Β no doctrinal differences,Β or church building, should separate us from one another.

Compassion, care and concern will unite us in our shared brokenness.

We stand, wobbly warriors of faith, wielding our sword of the Spirit, knowing we are stronger together.

[bctt tweet=”Let’s unite in revealing God’s kingdom, sharing our stories to bring hope and healing to others.”]

Truth is… I need you, my friend, and I hope you can find a place for me too.

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