How do you view contentment? Many of us see it as a cat-who-got-the-cream smugness, as achievement, success and life going swimmingly.

What if we looked at it differently? Maybe contentment is more to do with an attitude of the heart, a daily decision and a position of praise and gratitude.

If I wait for my life to become easy, for pain to lessen, circumstances to change and tests and trials to cease, then I could lose all sense of contentment altogether. It would be natural to drop into discouragement or despair and fail to notice the good things already in my days.

Because they are there if we deliberately search for them, waiting in the corners of our existence like a trail of Hansel and Gretel breadcrumbs.

And when we do spot them? We realize how it really is the little things, those seemingly random and insignificant things which matter most of all. It’s the small graces, breath of beauty, and family joys which we so often fail to appreciate, that bring us the most satisfaction.

I begin to battle my way to holy joy and contentment when I remind myself to sense God’s hand at work in my life. In the unfurling of the hours there are whispers of goodness and grace just waiting to be discovered.

In living a cloistered, housebound life due to physical health limitations, I’ve had to look beyond its confines to the One who sustains and strengthens me each day, to face life with faith, hold onto hope and find peace in being slowed down and stilled.

It chafes most days like an itchy, ill-fitting jumper. It’s humbling to have to be constantly reminded of my human weakness and frailty. It’s a life less-ordinary I didn’t choose, but it’s also one infused with God’s grace.

He’s given me an ability to look beyond the superficial, to sense His presence and be thankful for small mercies…

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