Have you ever asked yourself if this or that is worth pursuing?

I sometimes wonder if it’s worth it to keep on writing and sharing my thoughts.

Is anybody actually reading or listening?

Does anybody care, and should I mind if they do or don’t?

Maybe you, too, think is it worth it to ..______..fill in the blank..

Does it really matter in the scheme of things?

How easily our insecure souls sink into discouragement.

How quick we can be to give in to despair.

Maybe it’s because we’re basing our worthiness on the ever- fluctuating opinion of others rather than on who we are In Christ.

Because our worth is inestimable to Him.

[bctt tweet=”Jesus says we are worth dying for. We are worth offering salvation and eternal life to”]

Not based on our appearance, skills, abilities and achievements, size of our social media platform, or the lack thereof.

Not based on anything except His goodness and grace – pure unmerited favour.

We are deemed worthy only because Jesus has made us worthy by His blood and by His love.

He was willing to sacrifice Himself for us, taking all our sin’s dark stain, our guilt and shame.

He offers us mercy and forgiveness.

He offers us the covering of His rich, royal robe of righteousness as He takes our sin and condemnation upon Himself.

Fair exchange? Hardly. We deserve nothing yet God gives us everything.

All is gift. All is grace. We are Abba’s beloved children and the apple of His eye, precious in His sight.

Lest we continue to hang our heads in shame or self-loathing, God provides huge reassurance in His word to let us know how blessed we are to be in relationship with Him.

I sigh with relief, yes even if I may never complete the work I long to write and publish in this lifetime.

I may never be a ‘somebody’ in the world’s eyes and I’m okay with that.

[bctt tweet=”Here I may toil in relative obscurity, yet I can rest secure in being Abba’s dearly beloved child”]

And so are you, my friend. Our worth rests in that alone.

As we take a look into the only book which reads us we read it, which breathes life and renewal into our spirits, we discover how God sees us, both as we are in ourselves and who we can become in Christ.

Because you're worth it to God

God is willing to restore, renew and remake us as we surrender our lives and place our faith and trust in Him.

It’s an eternal Hope worth living and dying for.

So may I suggest that you crack open a Bible, take a look into the mirror of God’s word today and see how He sees you.


  • Recognise the worth God places on your life
  • Discover your godly purpose
  • Live into your God-given calling
  • Do the job
  • Write the books
  • Share the words
  • Inspire
  • Help others
  • Encourage
  • Be a blessing

And be truly thankful that God lit that spark of inspiration within because you are worth it to Him, you really are.

This is day 18 of #write31days #fiveminutefreewrites with the prompt:‘worth’. I think I ran over time a bit with this one! You can check out the rest of the writing prompts here.