We inhabit the temporary and the temporal.

Live in the ephemeral on a planet spinning through space.

Accumulate achievements in a race against the loss of our faculties.

Store up for tomorrow against an unknown future.

Because all beauty is fleeting, fragile, blown away on a breeze.

We resist the ageing process and its deleterious effects.

See our bodies sag and our spirits slump in sympathy.

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Get tempted by false promises on our way to pushing up the daisies.

Our lives may often seem devoid of meaning here but they count enormously in the light of eternity.

What matters most is who we know (Jesus) and how we live (for Him).

What counts is how we make each moment count for Him.

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This life is a place of seeing and receiving grace, and a temporary stopping place on our way to an eternal Kingdom to come.

A tumble of temporary..

temporary WoJ

I find myself engaged in temporary

in fleeting, insubstantial, pass away

where words shift and slide

where dreams drift and collide.

And I’m dizzy going round

in crazy-busy circles, drowned in sound.

It all moves too fast for me.

It’s a tumble of temporary.


I long for some solid ground.

Give me clean air to breathe

and mossy paths beneath

my feet. Grant me glades

to wander through where

each misty haze

contains a glimpse of You.

misty glade temporary poem

My body remains earthbound

but my spirit soars free

because You came, bled and

died to set us at liberty.

This world is not our Home

just temporary dwelling place.

For no matter where I roam

my heart is rooted in Your grace.


Life’s toil, concern and care

are like birds nesting within

my hair. They seek to make

a home but before long

they too will have flown.

birds- temporary poem WoJ

Lord, let me have a taste

of eternal Kingdom come.

Take me deeper into You

while I yearn for my new

everlasting Home.


The poem above is a day 20 offering for five-minute-free-writes. Today’s prompt is:  ‘temporary’. I aim to write as often as God graces me with words and energy enough to join in with the write-31-days challenge during October. 

You can catch the remaining prompts here. Thank you for sharing this journey with me. I appreciate your support and company! 🙂

eternal - temporary poem WoJ