It feels like we have to surrender on a daily basis when we fall sick or live with chronic illness. We often have to release: our plans and social engagements, our previous strength, our hopes and dreams and our sense of what day or week it is. 😏

I’ve succumbed to flu and other viral illness over the last few weeks and it’s meant taking surrender to a whole new level: πŸ€’Β surrendering my increased weakness, frailty and pain, an inability to read, engage or write as I want to, my desire to move forward with my life. Maybe you can relate?

However, times when we have to surrender, rest and quieten our souls are often the most productive spiritual moments for us to hear from God.Β I’m pleased to feel a bit stronger today and to have written the poem below for five-minute-friday.


We think that surrender is revealed in decisive deeds, whereby we
give up our rights to things we have foolishly clung to, pass on
our stuff, our baggage and extraneous luggage that we can

well do without. But what if it was less about the trappings
of a too full existence? What if it looks more like giving up
our inner resistance, our unholy behaviour and passions?

Would we be any more willing to let God take control, even if
it means relinquishing our dreams and independence to a
higher power, a love that takes, breaks and makes so much
more out of our earthly lives than we could ever know?

It’s hard to answer in the affirmative when the cost feels
too high, too much for us. Because surrender is a kind of
dirty word, suggesting weakness and infirmity, linked
with corruption as well as an impossibly high kind
of asceticism, none of which seems very appealing

And then he directs our gaze toward his Son, the truly
Holy, spotless one who has done nothing wrong, and he
reminds us how the path to peace is without limit, through
surrendering just as Jesus has done, with a joyful outlook
willing heart and a yielded, submissive, trusting spirit

Friends, I hope and pray you’re all as well as possible. I’m delighted to be able to share my words with the #FMF writing crew, who are wrangling with the word ‘surrender’ this week. Come join us? Just click here to read the great posts being shared.