Do you believe you are lovable, beloved even? It’s not easy to trust when you’ve had love distorted for you in the past. God’s word calls us His Beloved, His cherished sons and daughters, but it’s a concept many of us still struggle with, no matter how long we have walked with Him.

I came to faith in Christ over 40 years ago and shame still creeps in, causing me to hide away and cringe. Sin doesn’t leave us alone. It crouches at the door of our heart, seeking admittance, attacking where we are weak and vulnerable.

My background set me up for falsely assuming guilt I didn’t deserve, because my child-heart, body and mind were wrongly taken advantage of. Guilt and shame continue to trip me up sometimes, trying to persuade me I am out of the reach of God’s forgiveness and love.

But that’s not true at all. That’s not how God sees you or me. You and I have infinite worth and value in His eyes. We matter. We are God‘s Beloved, given a new identity through faith in our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Satan suggests we’re not enough, spitefully points out our imperfections. God gently holds us close, understands our weaknesses and knows we are works-in-progress by His grace.

The prayer below was birthed in a broken place. It is for all who need a fresh reminder of how cherished and valued they are in God’s sight. I pray it will encourage your heart today.

I’m not the wise woman of faith that others might think I am, or I desire to be. I am still a work in progress in so many ways. You alone know the hidden reality, the truth of my wayward heart, where all my flaws and failings are. Those places where I am too broken to be fixed, except by yourself.

beloved - prayer - You alone know the hidden reality, the truth of my wayward heart, where all my flaws and failings are quote (C)joylenton

Yet in the knowing you do not despise or turn away. You come closer still. You tenderly cup my wounds and broken places, hold onto the tears where life has ripped me apart. Yours are eyes of deepest compassion and love. There is no condemnation here.

Where I might anticipate or expect a ticking off for not measuring up, not having what it takes to shine for you and make a positive mark for the Kingdom of God, I instead receive mercy, forgiveness and grace. I receive hope to begin again where I have failed.

Your arms are open wide to receive your beloved prodigal daughter, who now runs to your side with sheer relief and joy. How small I feel and yet so large in your sight, as you dress me in a robe of righteousness, provide a seat within your house, remind me that I am an adopted sibling to Jesus and made complete in him.

I love that you truly see inside our sinful souls with all their baggage, detritus and mess, and still you welcome all who heed your call to come, return and be comforted by your love, when we deserve nothing but rejection instead.

How my heart leaps when dejection has muffled your voice and yet you find a way to penetrate the fog of isolation and pain. You eagerly run after your sons and daughters, longing above all for our hearts, for us to turn to you in everything we’re going through.

And so I come, weak woman and wounded soldier that I am. I come not only because I can but because your love draws me close like a golden thread. There are times when I am barely holding on by my fingertips, and then I see the rope of Hope is still holding me, reminding me that change for the better exists.

Thank you, Lord, for loving us so much. Thank you for always being here for us. Thank you for reminding all who are feeling inadequate, shamed, lost and alone that you value them above all things and are always holding them close.