This year I’m seeking to be intentional about choosing joy. I also need to be intentional about moving forward in the necessary sorting, tidying and releasing that the decluttering process brings.

How do we achieve our goals? Only by being single-minded and intentional and having faith in God’s ability to see us through all we long to do.

We could all use a motivating spark, some extra energy, as well as help and support at times. Though what we need most is prayer, God-given discernment and perseverance to see our goals unfolding in the way He intends them to.

Prevarication and fatigue usually win over my best intentions. I often begin strong (in mind if not in body) but soon become wearied, sidetracked by sickness and other demands.

We require heavenly input and support in carrying out our plans, especially when we live with chronic illness, excessive fatigue and pain.

Decluttering our souls can be just as demanding as decluttering our homes. Persistence and perseverance help us move ahead when we get derailed by our circumstances.

If we are truly intentional about changing things in heart or home, then making a commitment before God, and receiving accountability from others, will make the difference between failure and success.

A setback can halt our progress for a while (or several months in my case! 😏) but renewed inspiration, motivation and strength help us to start again.

Starting small is absolutely fine, as is breaking tasks down into bite-size pieces. Being intentional gives us hope of picking ourselves up and carrying on where we left off before.

In our work, blogging and writing pursuits, home or soul improvements, being patient and gentle with ourselves can go hand in hand with pursuing life and faith with quiet determination. We have nothing to lose except the inertia and discouragement we feel when we get stuck or lose our way.

**I was intentional about linking up with the fantastic #FMF writing crew but I didn’t manage to achieve it until today. We need to give ourselves grace when our plans go awry! 🙂 It’s still not too late and you’re welcome to join us here for 5 minutes (ish) of writing inspired by this week’s word ‘intentional’**