Being made whole is the Gospel promise and one we cling tenaciously to. Although we still tread warily through this world, with painful awareness of our brokenness.

I’m broken and splintered inside, but God is slowly putting me back together again, one tiny piece at a time.

Too many wounds and too much pain can make us crumble into the dust and ashes from whence we came.

Weakness is my default state. And it is precisely there where I hear God whisper the solace of His healing truth, how He is making me new and strong in Him.

Left to my own devices, I’m apt to say:

“Energy has flown

I’m a deflated balloon,

no air of my own.

I’ve become as wraith,

an insubstantial shadow

ghosting through my days.”

whole - hands crossing hands - God knows we function better together quote (C) joylenton

When we’re alone, isolated from one another, we feel far from whole. God knows we function better together as a body, where if one part is weak another that is strong can lift and hold them up, as a holy act of unity and love.

We become whole while sharing our pain and encouraging one another on the journey of life and faith.

As we lean harder on God, love stronger and give freely to others, we begin to receive our own peace and healing. We seek to strengthen others and allow them to minister to us too.

Rejoice in your wholeness in Christ, my friend, even when all you can sense right now is jagged pieces.

In time, you will discover how they become more like tiny splinters than thorns, losing their power to hurt you. All is goodness being birthed as your life is redeemed and restored by God’s grace.

Grateful as always to share my brokenness in community with the five-minute-friday writing crew at Kate Motaung’s site where this week’s prompt is ‘whole’, and with Barbie for Weekend Whispers as we share what God is speaking to our hearts. Come join us?