You decide your way into faith. Slide out of your seat like one in  trance as you glide toward the altar of your future.

A 4-step process whereby faith becomes a kind of signing in ceremony you need to learn. But you don’t grasp the enormity yet, high on your cloud of Holy Spirit courage.

You decide to discover more, go to church, meet some nice Christian folk. Your mind and spirit become influenced by reading and hearing God’s word.

It’s a daily decision thereon, taking all that you have to say a continual yes to Him.

How can one decide on a what looks like a whim to follow Jesus?

Your soul speaks: Sensing an answer to all the questions you’ve yet to ask, seeing a Face of fond familiarity, a peaceful Presence and Hands that cradle soft all the brokenness inside your fearful heart.

[bctt tweet=”God stretches out arms of welcome that wrap around the whole world, bringing  hope to lost souls.”]

His Love was the draw. Still is. No-one else can offer unconditional love, free forgiveness, mercy and grace.

Those days when weariness seeps in with overwhelm and steals the joy within? I choose to cling harder, keep walking, leaning on Jesus for all I am worth.

[bctt tweet=”I decide to choose life over death, hope over despair, joy over sorrow, beauty for ashes.”]

He listens, sits beside His hurting child, holds her close, dries her tears, gives His strength in my weakness.

And I ache with gratitude because Christ decided to die on a cross, to become sin for us.

I can decide to cut loose or to stay close. But Love bade me welcome and here I remain. Abiding in the Vine, choosing to surrender to Him.

I choose God’s will, His ways, His peace, and rest in His manifold gift of grace.

There’s no better way to live than to decide to know Jesus as Saviour and Lord.

And there’s no better way to spend my weekend than to reconnect with the five-minute-friday writing community over at Kate Motaung’s site. This week’s prompt is: ‘Decide’. You can check out the posts here. I’m blessed as always to also join with Barbie for #WeekendWhispers as we share our God-whispered thoughts.

**I decided and tried to write on Friday but deep-bone weariness wiped me out and focus was lost. Now family have flown the nest for their own abode and my zest for pinning words to a page seems to have returned, thanks be to God! It’s so good to be back with you again.**