I don’t really do mornings. My brain feels largely comatose until what passes for late morning at least for most.

It’s an insomniac thing where each morning is an unwanted extension of a wakeful night.

It’s an M.E thing whereby profound fatigue, pain and brain-fog steal away energy and clarity for hours at a time.

Greeting a new day well is a goal I have yet to meet.

I long to be alert enough to see and sense God’s hand at work each day, to awaken to wonder.

But I usually have to concede to a slow coming round with hands gripped to a coffee cup and eyes barely open. And a brief lifting of my spirit toward the Lord as I ask for help and strength to begin again.

On the rare occasions when I waken in the dawn hours (and have the wherewithal to look out the window), I love to watch as sun slides her presence through soft morning mist.

There’s nothing quite like seeing a morning unfold and raising a soul to the One who breathes life into every moment.

Most of my days are wrapped in the sameness of being housebound and constrained by chronic illness.

[bctt tweet=”God penetrates each day with gifts of grace and we need eyes open to see them.”]

So when I saw today’s five-minute-friday prompt was ‘morning’ I had a wry smile and wondered how I would write about it. Here’s what emerged – rather later in the day than intended.

Morning invites us

morning invites us WoJMorning issues an invitation:

Come taste, see and sense the glory gifts

I bring; hope wrapped up in presence,

new offering. Come lay aside night’s cloak

of gloom or weariness of rising far too soon

Come close and scent fresh morning

air, breathe its Eden potential

stretched bare across canvas

of sky, pulled taut with longing

Come bring your dreams and put them here


Wait and see what this day will do for you

Peel back the layers of secular

to reveal sacred hidden deep within

its midst; unfurl light ribbon of holy

and let it shine bright as it freely

threads throughout this day

I am portal of promise made

I am gift and grace to try and

to start again; I am all you have

as you live in the Now; I am rich

with love I ache for you to know


[bctt tweet=”We can be thankful for sun rising each day and for God’s grace being new every morning.”]

Sometimes the familiar can seem stifling, but I prefer to see it as comforting. And I always enjoy the way God weaves a trace of new into our usual.

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Are you a morning person? 

What helps you respond to its invitation?