Spring’s radiance shines unexpectedly early on these chilly Eastern shores, inching out the darkness of winter.

Its sun-warmed fingers filtering to flowers who open gratefully to its presence, basking in the unexpected rays.

They have longed for this invitation to reveal their glory to a waiting world, to break out of the bondage of hibernation and declare their beauty.

It makes me wonder if I can reflect even a smidgen of Christ’s grace and glory to others in sharing His story.

Because every time I take a closer look, any inner introspection reveals darkness within.

It seems impossible to believe I am a light bearer and glory sharer for Jesus, so unworthy do I feel.

As I prayed about this, I sensed the Lord reminding me just where His radiance lies and how we have access to it.

He reaffirmed that I am a child of grace, as are all who surrender their lives to Him.

Whenever we search inside ourselves we will always find the stain of sin, guilt and shame.

We all bear wounds and scars from our pre-Jesus past, from present pain and problems.

Holy Spirit gives insight into our many weaknesses and infirmities, not as a cause for despair but as laser-light bringing Truth to bear on lives laid bare.

The light shining on our dark places is also sealing us with Christ’s holy, life-affirming presence.

[bctt tweet=”Much of God’s healing work is hidden but it is real, continuous, ongoing, ever-present.”]

We are being renewed from the inside out, restored and refashioned into all the Father intends us to be.

So even though I know how weak and sinful I can be, I am learning to rest more in the finished work of Christ and rejoice to be part of His family.

As children of God we bear the image of Christ. Flawed and fragile as we are, we still shine forth His radiance.

radiance - WoJWe are channels of His peace, bearers of light in every dark place, including our home, family and neighbourhood.

[bctt tweet=”Those  wounds and cracks we have? They provide openings for God’s  light to filter through.”]


I sense You asking me to be a light for You,

not just out there where I can share a word or two

but here, within my family, the place where I let down

my guard, where temper tends to flare when tired

and face creases hard into a frown. For home

is where I’m known the best and behave most

naturally, so they can see the very worst of me.


I feel so conscious of my sin yet I hear You call, asking

me to bring my willingness, my all, and trusting You to

do the rest. Because You’ll supply the fuel inside,

You’ll be the brightness they will see; the Light

doesn’t come from me. I’m but a poor refection

of Your living presence, glowing stronger as I abide.

I’m an overflow receptacle of Your gift of grace,

shining often unaware, into every earthly place.


God's radiance prayer WoJ