Oh to have the patience of a bee as she seeks nectar to sup from the open cup before her.

There’s a leisurely lingering, a sense of being perfectly present to the moment that is wonderful to witness.

I watched them quietly going about their work as I sat in the garden last summer. Bees buzzed soft and slow, moving around petals with patient persistence, seemingly in no rush to move away from the fragrant offering in their reach.

It was soothing to my soul and instructive too. Because, sadly, patience tends to be in short supply with me.

As an ex-nurse, I am typically not a great patient myself. I’d rather be the one doing the caring than being the recipient.

I’ve been moved to pray about it many times. The result? God seemed to send several situations all at once, enough to try the patience of a saint. Who knew?

Developing the fruit of godly patience is all about daily endurance, bearing up under trials, yielding to God as we learn to live and love sacrificially.

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We can learn how to be content and at peace in the midst of thorny circumstances, able to see and sense the beauty flowering within them.

bee - developing patience WoJThankfully, my beloved husband has patience in bucketfuls. Turns out that God knew he’d need it to be wed to me.

If our patience is in short supply, then where do we turn?

I’ve found the best place is to turn to God in prayer and to His book of Life and Truth, our road map for living and loving –  the sanctuary of the Scriptures.

There we learn how patience is part of the fruit of the Spirit within,  a sign of change and transformation that starts with the heart.

Brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience. But let patience have its perfect work, so that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing. ~ James 1:2 – 4 (NKJV)

A life surrendered to Jesus Christ is a work in progress in all areas, an opening for His goodness and grace.

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We are also children of God, bearers of Christ’s light and love and heirs of promise.

As we listen well, heed what the Bible has to teach us, become more sensitive to Holy Spirit’s voice and instructed by the wisdom He imparts, we will learn how to live more content with who we are and our unique place in the world.

What happens when we yield and allow patience to have its way in us? 

Well, it hurts at first. Our souls resist the necessary moulding that shapes us into becoming more Christ-like.

We become more acutely aware when we are far from patient, see our need to grow in this area, to surrender our impatient souls to God’s refining process.

And those bees? They continue to teach us things. Their nectar gathering is only a tiny part of the process of honey being produced but they go about their work with a calm dedication to the task at hand.

[bctt tweet=”May we sense our small role in God’s huge scheme of things and have patience in playing our part.”]

We’re not all honey makers, but we are all glory revealers, grace givers and Truth sharers as we live out our calling for God.