Today, I’m seeking to capture the ways in which God attracts my attention, and remind my soul to keep on seeking Him and being aware that He is near.

You capture my attention in myriad ways as I drift through my days.

I sense the warmth of your benevolent gaze as you meet me in the heat of summer’s rays when I tilt my face heavenward and bathe in sunlight.

Autumnal chill breathes out your bold and brazen beauty.

You capture my heart with its dying crescendo, its fiery flame colours and tender fall of leaves.

You talk to the trees with every breeze, and as they bend and sway they converse with you too.

Blustery days remind me of Holy Spirit’s power to whip a wind of change that can transform a life within a week, within this hour, maybe.

Nothing remains the same as seasons come and go.

But you stay steady, rooted eternally as an Anchor hooked in my heart, embedded in my soul where you capture me whole.

And on those days when light seems far away and I’m bent low to ground, weak and weary as can be,  you lift me again with a word that speak volumes into the silence where there is no discernible sound.

I want to remain captivated by your goodness and grace. To capture each drop as it spills into my days and see it mirrored in a loved one’s face.


For I find you everywhere if I only have eyes patient enough to seek and appreciate your presence dressed in the daily.

I want to set my life within the frame of your choosing as you capture each second, rendering it the holy and sacred wonder that it is.

This is day 3 of #31days of five-minute-free-writes in October, where I’m joining in community with Kate Motaung and fellow writers attempting this task.

My own contributions may be a bit sporadic in an M.E kind of way where the spirit is willing but the body and mind don’t always co-operate. But I aim to participate whenever I can during this month.

You can find the #31days prompts here if you’d like to join in too. Missing a day or so is no problem.