Nothing beats the comfort of a loved one’s arms around us.

Hugs speak volumes; words are often unnecessary.

We rest secure in being reassured and knowing we are understood and loved.

Being held in love’s embrace is vital for our soul’s well-being.

Even more so when it is Love Himself doing the holding.

Let’s reassure ourselves with a prayer requesting to be held closer in Love’s embrace.


Hold us close, Lord.

Comfort us with the your love.

Reassure us with gift of Presence.

Breathe peace into hurting hearts as you

release the calm balm for every stirred up

water of adversity that threatens to drown us.

Embrace us with grace, with holy awe

and wonder, with joy unspeakable, full

of mercy and forgiveness.

Help us to sense you in the commonplace.

Enable us to be aware you are near.

Many are sick; many are broken; many

are wounded and oh so weary.

We fall and we weep at your feet; we cling to you

as we trust you also cling fast to us.

Be our shield and defender, our lifelong

embrace, our high tower, hiding

and resting place.

When life threatens to overwhelm with waves

crashing over our heads, steady us and help us to see

how we’re anchored firm, girded around,

surrounded on every side

with your goodness and grace.

May we know deep down in our soul

that you reside within as we too

abide in you.

Cradle us with the certainty of being

your beloved made whole, your chosen child.

Knowing your love always embraces us

with its tenderness so wild and free.


held in love's embrace pin

This prayer is my contribution to day 4 of #31days of #fiveminutefreewrites which I’m aiming to join in with as often as I can throughout October. Today’s prompt is:’embrace’. To find our more, please click here. You’re very welcome to join us whenever you want to.