During this Advent season our thoughts stray toward the mystery, awe and wonder of the Incarnation.
And we remember how Jesus took on our earthly human frame.
In considering what a marvel and miracle it is for God Himself to enter human history, we cannot forget the Son of Man hidden within the babe in a manger.
I’m sharing thoughts on this topic over at my writer friend Rebekah’s site today where I have the honour and privilege of guest posting as part of her great series on ‘The Spirit of Christmas’.
Here’s a snippet:
 Nothing else quite stirs our deep protective and nurturing instincts more than a newborn baby.
Such sweet vulnerability resides within.
A simple grasp of tiny fist clinging to adult finger a reminder of how fragile this new life is.
And those feet. Adorable, perfect miniatures of our own. Yet in the months ahead limbs unfurl and grow strong to support a toddler’s frame.
As we bend to kiss a brow, wipe tears, give nourishment, witness growth and change before our eyes, do we ever think of Mary, mother of our Lord, as she lovingly tended to her son?
See Him as infant helpless.
“For to us a child is born, to us a son is given…”
Hands that flung stars into space reduced to starfish baby span ~ made calloused by carpentry, torn by sharp nails, pinioned to a cross of sorrow and shame.
A mouth that spoke creation into existence now made milky-soft, dependent ~ to become a voice of wisdom, instruction and healing for others.
Feet used to circling the world with silent steps ~ now made…  ~  You can read the rest here ~