Welcome to Five Minute Friday, a great creative challenge where we write free flowing, as it comes, straight from the heart, in the space and time constraints of 300 seconds. No over-thinking, editing or worry about perfection.

It’s a period of letting go and letting God inspire us!

I find that the one word prompt often stirs deep thoughts and poetry tends to spills forth.

Today’s prompt is:‘Small’


You’re not small

The world will try to tell you you’re small.
Tiny. Insignificant. No mystery.
Yesterday’s news. History.
Dirt on their shoes.
Shrinking into insignificance
like Alice and Gulliver
in a world of giants. A sea of faces.
No more noticeable than any other.
So we plead. We shout. Call out. Reveal our need.
And get pushed down. Pressed hard.
Ignored, we shrink back to wall.
My friend, you are not small at all
in your Creator’s eyes.
He – delights over you with singing
rejoices at your birth
sees your end from your beginning 
and considers it all inestimable worth.
So much so He gave His life
for you and me
hung, suffered, died
on Calvary’s tree.
Now risen, ascended on high
His Holy whispers from above
draws us gently nigh
to a heart heavy with Love
Overflowing with grace
mercy beyond measure
for His chosen people
His beloved. His treasure.
Don’t feed into the world’s lies.
Lift your head and see yourself
in God’s eyes.
The new person 
He is shaping you to be
clothed in righteousness
royal robed child
of worth and dignity.
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