“Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” — 1 Thessalonians 5:18

Hello Friends, it’s good to be back again! Rusty as I am, (as you may have noted from the mistakenly sent early excerpt that inadvertently got posted on Saturday… oops!) I’ve been praying for the creative spark to be reignited and for inspiration to arrive.

I gratefully received a few poetic dribbles but otherwise there was nothing forthcoming while we were settling into our new home, until God reminded me of some unseen material I already had available to share.

I give Him thanks and praise for that thought and for strengthening and sustaining me through our significant house move a few short weeks ago. I’m still bone-weary, yes, but grateful beyond words. 😉

So here I am, after being missing for 4 months (4 months!!), bravely opening my journal to reveal responses I’ve made to the note-taking edition of Jesus Calling: Experiencing Peace in His Presence, and carefully selecting sections that I hope and pray will be relatable and helpful for you too.

This is the first of what will be a fairly brief but regular feature here while I slowly settle back into blogging. It’s also a good way for us to reconnect heart to heart again. Let’s begin…

The reading

“It is impossible to praise or thank Me too much. As it is written, I inhabit the praises of My people…Thankfulness, also, is a royal road to draw near Me… Fill up the spare moments of your life with praise and thanksgiving. This joyous discipline will help you live in the intimacy of My Presence.”

From Jesus Calling Note-Taking Edition by Sarah Young

My response

Dear Jesus,

It is not hard for me to thank and praise you in response to creation’s beauty or answered prayer. But I falter and fail to remember often enough to praise you from a hurting place or a broken heart.

Adversity can seem like a clinging, invisible cloak I long to throw off because it is rough and scratchy, irritating to my mind, body and spirit.

Yet you are asking me to recall the wonderfully soft royal robe of righteousness, with accompanying peace and joy in the Holy Spirit, which you have freely given me to wear.

Instead of grumbling and complaining about problems and challenges, please turn my heart, mind, and voice heavenward so that I might more freely give you gratitude, thanksgiving and praise for everything.


“Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord, O my soul. I will praise the Lord all my life; I will sing praise to God as long as I live.” — Psalm 146:1-2

How has God made His provision and grace apparent to you recently or asked you to trust Him for the way ahead when you can’t see a thing? Do share below. 🙂

PS: We’re nicely settled into our lovely new home but still face weeks of clearing out, refurbishing, and finally selling our previous house. Your prayers are welcome while I’m preoccupied with those things. Thank you! ❤️💟