It can be hard to appreciate the gift of slow, especially if it causes us frustration at first. Do you have times when impatience rises inside because you cannot yet see the fruit of your labours or any obvious benefit from slowing down to pace, relax and rest? I do.

Even though it’s become a way of life for me to navigate my days at a slow pace due to having M.E and chronic illness, I still struggle with it. Exhaustion, weakness and pain soon stop me in my tracks if I try to move beyond that day’s given capacity.

But they still have little effect on my overactive, butterfly brain which thinks too much, worries too much, and focuses too little for my liking. Brain fog causes blank spots and a feeling of overwhelm soon develops if I try to take in or do more than I can handle.

Perhaps you can relate or know someone who can? May the words whispered to me in prayer below, and the accompanying poetic prayer help you to see the beauty in being more while doing less when God calls you to a time or season, perhaps, of slowing down.

Slow seasons do not harm our souls because our worth and value are already secure in Christ. We don’t have to try to find our worth in achievements, having an online presence or completing various tasks, because we are already dearly loved and more than enough in God.

Prayer Whisper: Slow and Steady

“Stay focused on ploughing your own small furrow. Keep your eyes on Me. Slow and steady will get you to the finishing line. You don’t have to check what those beside, behind or in front of you are doing.

If I ask you to come aside and rest a while, your inner life doesn’t stop, and your contribution still adds up. What matters most is staying faithful to the tasks I have given you, including pausing sometimes.

And looking to Me to supply all the energy, strength, faith and wisdom you will need to see these things through to the end. Because I am your resource and supply in everything, and I look into your heart’s attitude above all things.”

Shall we pray?


 Would you heal me 
 of hurry and deliver 
 me from haste?

 Lead me away 
 from the temptation 
 to be impatient.

 Rescue me from wanting 
 things to be done Now.
 Help me see that my 

 way and my timing 
 are often flawed,
 and show me how to

 surrender my work, 
 my soul, and depend 
 instead on yours.

 If I fail to appreciate
 the gift of slow, would you
 remind me once more?

 Reveal how it really helps 
 me to focus better, 
 and enables me to 

 exhale my mess, 
 as I follow your holy 
 will instead of my own.

 And remind me that the path 
 ahead will be unique to me, 
 uniquely shaped for all 

 you desire to achieve
 in and through me here,
 as you help me live and grow.

“Surrender your anxiety! Be silent and stop your striving and you will see that I am God. I am the God above all the nations, and I will be exalted throughout the whole earth.” — Psalm 46:10 TPT

Let’s aim to be more tortoise and less hare, more mindful and less mindless, more receptive to God’s pleas for us to slow down enough to repair and rest. May we grow in our ability to sense God’s presence with us as we seek to listen to His voice and allow Him to calm our anxious and fretful hearts.

PS: Because we’ll be moving house this summer, I’ll be busier than ever yet need to slow down in other areas. The decision-making, decluttering and discarding will consume my available focus and energy over the next few months, so I will be writing fewer posts. Thank you for being here, my friend, and for your grace during my necessary absences. May God bless and keep you in His tender care until we meet again. Lots of love, Joy Xox 🙂 ❤