Achieving a state of tranquillity can be hard to come by, can’t it? It’s easily lost when we get distracted by other people, our emotions overwhelm us, or we have an unwelcome change in our circumstances.

We might think it’s reserved for a privileged few with better health, a more salubrious environment to live in, and less demands on their lives and time than we have. But what if it isn’t?

What if we don’t have to enter a monastery, visit a spa or leave the comforts of home to achieve soul tranquillity?

How might it look to reduce our daily stress and enter a state of rest? Life can seem too busy to rest or relax much, never mind feel tranquil and calm. Yet it’s possible for us right now.

Here’s the key: It actually settles within our souls when we look to God to bring His peaceful presence into our difficulties, disorders and damaged feelings. It’s a holy gift of grace discovered in life’s hard places as we seek solace.

“He calms the storm and stills the waves.”  ― Psalm 107:29 TLB

We might sit with struggles, distress, overwhelm or sadness but God always finds a way to come near to us. He won’t leave us bereft.

You and I can lose sight of God’s presence or fail to sense Him acting on our behalf, but it doesn’t mean He isn’t there or He won’t take good care of us.

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A blanket of holy love drapes softly around our drooping shoulders. Strong arms reach out to lift each pressing pebbled care, sharp anxiety stone, and weighty worry boulder, one by one.

As we realise what keeps us captive or discourages our hearts, and willingly release those things to God, the burdens fall at our feet. We are set free to rise above our circumstances.

We are free to yield our pain and to trust again. There’s a transcendence of perfect peace from above, full of supernatural calm only God can give to us.

It’s a peace beyond anything earth can offer our hurting souls because it meets us within the pain itself.

Tests, trials and troubles will inevitably return because we live in a fallen world. But we are always given the resources to cope with them.

We are never left without God’s help, support, concern and protective care. All we need to do is ask. Holy tranquillity is available to us any time, anywhere.

As we meditate on God’s word, and humbly seek to live it out, we experience soul tranquillity more and more.

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When we acknowledge our problems, and turn to God for help, we’re admitting we cannot get through life’s challenges, pressing pain and problems without the support He alone provides.

God wants us to live in peace, to experience His rest. As we learn to yield our hurts, broken lives, damaged feelings and pain, He shows us how to live with tranquillity and peace.

He comes alongside us, teaches us, and gives us the means to not allow our circumstances to derail or disturb us. Because when God alone is our major support and help, then our hearts can rest and be tranquil.  Isn’t that a relief? 🙂 ❤

“Let nothing disturb you, nothing frighten you, all things are passing, God is unchanging. Patience gains all; nothing is lacking to those who have God: God alone is sufficient.” ― St. Teresa of Avila

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