Mindfulness has acquired some negative, New Agey connotations. But we might feel more positive about it if we can perceive its usefulness in helping us to be more present to our lives, and aware of God’s presence with us, as exemplified by Brother Lawrence and suggested in the prayer below.


Help me to savour the seconds, marvel over the minutes, hang on to the hours, deepen my appreciation of the days, welcome the fresh start opportunity of a new week, and not mind the way that months and years seem to slip away like sand in an hourglass.

Grant me a rested, stilled soul with a central focus on living out your purpose and goals. Enable me to quieten myself before you, before the holy wonder of each day, before every task I might pursue, and before night closes a curtain on the hours and silver stars break through.

mindfulness - bird - clouds - sky -stilled soul quote (C) joylenton @joy.lentocom

Instil a deep well of gratitude inside this often thankless heart and mind. May I lean more towards compassion and kindness than selfishness. Help me learn to honour your life, your essence and presence in others, and seek to support and encourage them in whatever way I can.

Teach me to listen better to Holy Spirit, and to act on the guidance and inspiration I receive to live, love, serve and work for you. Increase my ability to be patient and wait on your word.

May I not lose heart or faith as I follow the dimly lit pathway before me, where each step might feel like falling off a cliff, getting lost or going astray.

Enable me to trust in your faithful companionship, the way you gently direct me to think, say and do the best thing you had planned. Help me to be grateful for your infinite love, mercy, forgiveness and grace which set me back on my feet again whenever I mess up.

I ask that you will open my eyes to signs of joy and delight in the midst of the hard. Show me how to look for the silver lining and what you could be teaching me in every difficulty.

When pain and weariness overwhelm me to the point where I can think of little else, may I rest in the comfort and safety of your arms as they cradle and hold me close.


mindfulness - crocuses - grass - trees - open my eyes quote (C) joylenton @joylenton.com

Unsure what mindfulness is? This article might help clear up concerns and misconceptions. There are Christian books available on the topic, such as: Mindfulness and Christian Spirituality: Making Space for God by Tim Stead, and How to be a Mindful Christian: 40 simple spiritual practices by Sally Welch.

I believe mindfulness suggests a slower, more deliberate way of life which embraces soul simplicity and an aware, compassionate mindset. For people of faith, mindfulness is primarily about developing a greater sacred awareness and increased sensitivity to God’s presence with us. It can include a greener, more ethical lifestyle as well. 

It will be one that fits your interests and outlook, worldview and faith practices, including meditating on Bible verses, contemplative photography, sacred writing, and using Scripture-based colouring books.

We can increase our ability to be more fully present to our daily lives. Courtney Carver gives us 7 gentle reminders here to help us become more focused. And this article speaks about sensing sacred echoes in our days.

mindfulness - trees - sky - grass - landscape - sacred awareness quote (C) joylenton @joylenton.com

What does mindfulness look like to you? I’d love you to share in the comments below. 🙂