Do you find yourself waylaid by distractibility or crushing fatigue sometimes? Of the kind that causes you to be less attentive to your life and relationships than you want to be? It happens to me on a regular basis. Because I have a butterfly mind and a body that easily succumbs to weariness. But let’s not lose heart because there is hope to be found.

Although it’s hard to do, we can learn to switch off to those things that drain and deplete us. And to switch on to what feeds and nurtures our bodies and souls. It’s possible to become more alert to life, and as attentive and watchful as a child.

Perhaps the problem stems from a lack of attentiveness. Because we fail to factor in how much things can exhaust us. Or we don’t notice their effects until it’s too late. We’re not listening to our bodies or the urgent message to stop they are sending us.

It's possible to become more alert to life, and as attentive and watchful as a child quote (C) joylenton

Learning to be more attentive

If that describes you, my friend, you are far from alone. Society is constantly seeking to make us rush and hurry. So much so that we get on the hamster wheel without realising it. Then we think we need to stay there as fear of missing out (FOMO) sneaks up on us. It’s a self-fulfilling curse and a huge distraction keeping us from God’s best.

God doesn’t want us to feel less than and sidelined, only to accept His loving grace and abide in Him. As we listen and rest ourselves fully in God’s presence, He pours out a healing balm of love and acceptance. I need that. Maybe your weary, insecure or driven soul needs it to.

“Listening for God’s footsteps in even the most difficult circumstances will lead to a fire-tested life and a truly authentic faith. Although some may call it a hard life, I believe it is the richest and most meaningful life possible.” – Authentic Faith, in Simply Sacred: Daily Readings by Gary L. Thomas

Attentiveness - forest - hills - trees - woman in hammock - as we listen and rest quote (C) joylenton

Peace through knowing we are loved

The holy affirmation we receive is like a calming seed of peace. Once planted in our hearts we desire it more and more. Holy peace is a God-given thing to bring about our deepest inner solace and healing. Instead of trying to keep up and be enough, we can rest in already being God’s beloved.

And we don’t even have to do anything to make Him love us. God loves you and me simply because we exist. Our part is to remain attentive to His voice and responsive to His love. Then accept the fact we are called to rest in Him instead of frantically hurrying and drowning.

Being attentive is a lifestyle attribute, not a solely spiritual one. Just think how different our relationships with others might be if we implemented it. Instead of giving our friends and loved ones scant attention, we could learn to listen and be fully present.

“Be patient with each person, attentive to individual needs. And be careful that when you get on each other’s nerves you don’t snap at each other. Look for the best in each other, and always do your best to bring it out.” – 1 Thessalonians 5: 15 The Message

girl in red hat looking at trees and sun - Being attentive is a lifestyle attribute quote (C) joylenton


When I get too tired
I might start skimming
stories, blog posts, emails, articles,
conversation, listening,
the stuff of life itself.

Because my attention
wanders, disappearing fast
like my focus,
increasingly blurred, increasingly
furred and lost.

It takes soul deliberation
to go slow,
to truly hear, take time
to care for people
and things, to want to
go deeper again.

Especially with God,
for he requires
our surrendered lives,
our attentive minds
and receptive hearts.

Whenever I find myself
giving scant attention
to people,
to God,
to life and things I know
I should, then I know
I must rest and repent.

And only then, only
when I see how I am
only then do I discover
how to access my heart
and soul, and offer
myself to all
as broken—becoming whole.
© joylenton

poppy field - attentiveness poem excerpt (C) joylenton

What this means for you and me

Friends, I am seeing this as an invitation to take a blogging break and spend more time on what matters most. Having taken a body and soul inventory, I see how vital it is to withdraw a while and rest.

Soul simplicity sounds eminently suitable for summer. Yet it can be implemented at any time of year. A necessary paring back in order to savour God’s best is like first-aid for our souls, if not our homes.  I wish you rest, peace, joy and blessings aplenty in the warmer days ahead. xo PS: Email subscribers, look out for my encouraging Soul Shots newsletter arriving soon! 🙂 💜💙

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