When Jesus walked this earth, His glory was largely concealed and dressed in a human frame. On one occasion He sensed His power being directed to a woman in need. She demonstrated great faith and perseverance to press through the throng of people surrounding Him.

And she thought if she got close enough to touch the hem of His garment, she would be healed. Yet her silent, almost stealthy act drew public attention. It literally stopped Jesus in His tracks as He paused to ask who had touched Him.

The bewildered disciples scratched their heads in response. Because it seemed a strange question to ask when a great crowd encircled and pressed into them on every side. How do you answer it?

When God’s healing glory entered this story

Jesus gently drew this woman out. She stepped forward, probably trembling with fear, maybe expecting to be reprimanded for her audacious act. Although Jesus did not intend to rebuke her. Rather, He commended her for her faith, a faith that had made her well after many years of suffering.

“In the crowd was a woman who had been sick for twelve years with a haemorrhage. She had suffered much from many doctors through the years and had become poor from paying them, and was no better but, in fact, was worse. She had heard all about the wonderful miracles Jesus did, and that is why she came up behind him through the crowd and touched his clothes. For she thought to herself, ‘If I can just touch his clothing, I will be healed.’ And sure enough, as soon as she had touched him, the bleeding stopped and she knew she was well!”

Mark 5: 25-29 TLB

Uncleanliness meets with grace

God's greatest gift to us is to be covered by His glory and grace #quote - woman clutching flowers @wordsofjoy.me

Under the law, this woman was considered unclean for her issue of blood. These rules and restrictions reveal her great faith and courage in even walking out in public. It was remarkable enough, never mind her touching Jesus’ clothing. What an amazing example for us! And under grace, Jesus lovingly turns to her and calls her “Daughter.”

God’s greatest gift to us is to be covered by His glory and grace, and given a new robe of righteousness. We are invited into His family as His beloved, adopted sons and daughters through Christ.

And we are referred to as the Body of Christ on earth. We’re also the temple where Holy Spirit dwells. Scripture suggests this is our new identity in Christ.

Could it be that we are continually being filled with the glory of God? Might the train of His robe be ever-present to us and those we interact with? And how might it be seen in us?

“I will greatly rejoice in the Lord,
My soul shall be joyful in my God;
For He has clothed me with the garments of salvation,
He has covered me with the robe of righteousness,
As a bridegroom decks himself with ornaments,
And as a bride adorns herself with her jewels.”

– Isaiah 61:10 NKJV

What this means for us today

glory - girl sitting on top of a rock - As you and I go about our daily lives, we are grace carriers #quote (C) joylenton @wordsofjoy.me

As you and I go about our daily lives, we are grace carriers, hope bearers, holy joy and truth sharers, and faith witnesses for Jesus. Those we encounter will also encounter Christ in us. The power to heal and help is available to us. We are the hem of holy royalty’s robe spreading out to a hurting world.

It sounds quite lofty and daunting, doesn’t it? However, the power to do those things is entirely God-given, fuelled and inspired by the Holy Spirit. He is the enabler of our walk of faith and the guide we need for all our days. Because God’s glory lives within our hearts. It makes itself manifest to others as we live out our lives and faithfully serve Him.

A prayer of praise and presence

Let us pray…

Father God,

We give you glory and praise for all you are and all you mean to us. Thank you for sending Jesus and for graciously allowing us to be participators of His glory and grace as we live out our ordinary days. Help us sense the comfort of your presence in the everyday, and grant us the desire to make it known to others. Although we might feel totally inadequate for the task, may we rest in the full provision and equipping you have given us in Christ. May we live out our lives with increasing sensitivity to Holy Spirit’s guidance within. And may we discover the privilege and joy of being your disciples in a needy world.


butterfly - sunflowers - faith and surrender prayer giving God the glory and praise (C) joylenton @wordsofjoy.me