It’s hard to maintain a state of watchful expectancy for long. Before we know it doubts start to creep in, or we simply become weary in the waiting. Advent seems to stretch endlessly but our good intentions to focus most on Jesus can get lost in the frantic pre-Christmas rush.

How do we maintain a sense of God’s presence with us? What does it take to stir slumbering hearts and set them aflame again? I think it begins with an intention to pay attention to His voice.

Because when we make time to listen, we soon discover how much God wants to speak to us. Though distractions may abound and life gets in the way of listening well, we will find we get drawn into a sweet intimacy found only in quiet surrender.

I don’t always make adequate time to get alone with God. Or if I do, then I am there to pour out my prayer requests and thanks, instead of being fully present to His presence.

There’s nothing wrong in taking our burdens to God. He actively invites us to. However, if we simply detach ourselves after having done our bit, we’re likely to miss out on something really special.

God desires relationship with us first and foremost. And all relationships are built on developing closeness and intimacy, as well as trust. Our attentive listening with expectancy paves the way for us to better hear from God.

I’m sharing a word I received in prayer below. May it bless and encourage you to persevere in listening prayer and seek times of stillness with God.

Come with expectancy’ – Prayer Whisper

“Attending to My voice is a practice that needs to be learnt. You cannot simply rush into My presence as you are and expect to hear from Me. Sometimes, in My mercy, that will happen. At other times I am wanting to stretch your faith, quieten your heart and mind and ready you to hear what I have to say.

I dwell in the stillness, not in the clamour. Come to Me with expectancy and with an undistracted, undivided heart and mind. Bring the burdens you are carrying, lay them at My feet and leave them there. Bring your assumptions and preconceptions to Me too. As you lay them aside, you will be open to hear things you didn’t anticipate or imagine.

The words I speak to you are Spirit and they are Life. They will nurture and nourish your soul and prepare you for all that lies ahead. Open your heart and mind to receive My Truth. It is your soul’s bread and will sustain you in the days ahead. When you leave the Quiet Place, keep on listening, keep on attending to and heeding My voice.”

It’s almost Christmas and extra busyness lies ahead. Our thoughts stray to future days, wondering just what they might hold for us. What if we began the new year with Holy hope and expectancy in our hearts? What if we decided to be more alert for the numerous ways in which God might speak to us?

I would like to encourage you to seek some sacred spaces in your days, even (especially?) in the midst of busyness. Because in the deliberate slowing down we might just hear something amazing from our God.

**Friends, I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I’ll be taking a break now until early January to spend time with family. On my return I will be reflecting on how the word “rooted” has impacted my life this year and revealing my new #oneword365 for 2018. See you then!**😊💜