I’m not particularly into venturing or being bold in general. I’m quite timid and shy, preferring to huddle in my introvert corner, curl up with a book (or 10) 📚 and enjoy being solo. But I know that’s not a healthy way to operate for me and you. It should be the soul care necessity exception rather than the rule.

It took considerable persuasion and encouragement for me to brave social media and tackle writing in the public sphere. When my gifts and talents were being kept hidden and unexpressed, I suppressed them in private as well for many years, because I bought into satan’s lies about not being able or capable enough. 📝

I thought that perfection was the criteria for being confident. I also (wrongly) assumed that no one else would want to see or read my words in a public sphere. I convinced myself I had nothing of value or worth to bring to the table. A kind of self-preoccupied, introverted pride, I guess.

And then the scales fell off my eyes. God showed me that faith is all about surrender and trust, yielding to His work in me and sharing my imperfect (yet needful) offering to bless and encourage other members of the Body of Christ. Turns out it was never about me at all.

Venturing in faith is being courageous in coming forth, willing to step out and walk, though the way may be unknown, the path might be hard and our fears seek to get the better of us, especially when we feel weak or inadequate to do any of those things.

It depends on trust. Are we listening to our feelings more than we are to God? Maybe giving the enemy’s lies credence they don’t deserve? 

We can dismiss ourselves as not being warrior material, giving little regard for the fact that it can take holy courage just to get out of bed in the morning sometimes and face another day of struggle, challenge and pain.

May I reassure you, my friend. You matter. Your whispered, seem-to-hit-the-ceiling prayers matter. Your continuing despite the odds is noted by God. You and I have courage born of living by faith, strengthened and upheld by God’s continual grace.

Let’s seek to be bold because Jesus Himself lives inside of us, providing for our every need and granting us the means to live lives of more significance than we can ever know.

Let us unleash our art, serve others in love and share our God-given gifts and talents with the world, knowing He will do immeasurably more with them than we can ever know. 🎨 🖼 🖥


we ether venture
or we vegetate, stagnate
lose faith, run or hide

God gives us a gift
our one wild life is pure grace
ready to be spent

as we yield our lives
in the sweet service of Christ
it grows like a rose

there will be sharp thorns
midst the lively foliage
pricking at our pride

while we examine
our hearts for signs of his love
being shared daily

and tilt our hard souls
toward compassion and care
poured out freely

What has venturing in faith looked like for you?

How has God rewarded your surrendered obedience?