I am blind sometimes, failing to see and receive the grace given to me, scratching at the corners of my days to sense its presence, when it’s really evident if I take my spiritual blinkers off.

When I fail to deliberately look for the Light of God’s presence, dwell in darkness of spirit, weariness of body and soul and a disposition of discouragement, it’s usually because I’ve neglected to realise that God is right here, walking beside me always.

Life looks much the same to outside eyes, but I know I’m not walking forward as confidently as before, because I stumble punch-drunk, like one without a way or a purpose.

During those times, I’ve allowed the voice of the world to drown out God’s whispers to my heart. I’ve given in to feelings more than listening to faith. Always an unsettling thing to do. Maybe you can relate?

Blindness of the spirit is every bit as debilitating as being physically blind, because it keeps us in the dark about God, hides clear evidence of His presence and persuades us we’re coping just fine as we are, thank you very much.

Spiritual blindness makes the world seem clouded and hazy, because we’ve failed to let the Light in. It causes us to stumble, to fail to appreciate God at work in the world, as we trip over doctrine we know in our heads but fail to receive in our hearts. 

Our walking through this world becomes confined and constrained, because we continually bump against our brokenness and have no lasting solution to it ourselves.

Until we remember the reasons why Jesus came, lived, died and was resurrected for us: to purchase our freedom from sin, guilt, shame and pain, to be the Light we all need.

We’re God’s beloved ones, blood-bought sons and daughters, precious in His sight. He longs for us to live with open, receptive minds and hearts toward Him.

I want to live in the light of eternity but life itself keeps stopping me, making me blind to the goodness that surrounds me. I need Jesus to show me the Way, to reveal His Light shining in every dark place.

We need Jesus to reveal how to live like we are truly free, no longer captive to the things of this world or its numerous cares and concerns. Set free by God’s amazing mercy and grace.