Sap rises slow as fresh green fingers probe their way through darkened soil, released from chilled slumber, eager to embrace the light.

Yet here I sit, made winter-numb, running on empty, ready to hibernate. Deep inside I ache to hide, retreat, and I smile at the irony of earth coming alive to spring while I crave a season of blissful somnolence. Oh let me sleep and waken to brighter things!

Maybe you feel unprepared for all that lies ahead of you, or all this day is asking you to do? Maybe your one wish is to press pause on life’s busyness? Me too, my friend.

Now as I straddle hope and discouragement, I sense a gentle invitation within to slow my anxious thoughts, still my weary soul in God’s presence, and seek the calming peace only He can give us.

I have been riding on the wings of other people’s prayers, unable to fully articulate my feelings, face up to obvious inadequacies or admit to having a hurting heart.

So I come to my Lord now, bearing a cup of emptiness, weakness, questions and pain, because only He can replenish, heal and restore what is damaged, broken or lost in our souls and bring back hope, joy and wonder again.

Can I slow down?

Even now, as my heart races fast

and time passes in a blur, thoughts

whirl dervish-like in this hamster wheel

of a mind— even now—can I slow down

enough to pause and ponder, make room

for wonder?

Can I begin to rest a restless frame

as I sit and breathe in Gilead’s balm

and scent a soothing sound, running

soft as water, seeking stones to flow

and tumble over?

Is it possible to slow life’s racing

stream, hold on to reality but be

rooted deep in peace, discover

ribbons of rest threading through all

of this mess?

Yes and yes again repeats a sweet

refrain, as a voice of calm penetrates

my aching heart. Yes here, yes now

and always, my dear child, you can slow

to the rhythms of my grace without

losing anything


Let’s try to be still inside when life gets frantic, to pause and make space for wonder, look for green shoots of grace appearing, pushing up through the darkness of our circumstances.

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