Summer is passing in a blur. Not the sort you see when Olympic athletes run fast as the wind, more of a segueing into a new routine where days blend endlessly together.

Instead of the usual busyness of penning my thoughts on a blog and enjoying social media engagement, I’ve been living a rather covert life for a while.

Now as I come up for air, blink mole-like at the unaccustomed light, I begin to see a few ways in which these weeks are shaping my soul…


My husband usually provides the daily living help I need and the space to write. After his serious spinal surgery in early summer our positions were somewhat reversed. On his return from hospital I was thrust into supporting him instead, with help from family, friends and neighbours.

The nurse in me came alive again as I transitioned from being predominantly there for others (in a sharing, writing, praying, encouraging capacity), to diverting all  my attention toward him. We became closer, more understanding of one another’s needs.

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Because my life is sedentary, cerebral rather than physical, it’s been tough to be more active than usual. I’m feeling exhausted and awed by God’s grace, His sustaining power to provide for us in challenging circumstances. Our situation also enabled others to support, pray and be available in new ways, which is humbling and heartening.


summer hiddenness WOJ - ACW

As a writer, encourager and active social media person, being cut off and disengaged is quite painful. I took a blogging break, little knowing I would barely write a word for two months. Inspiration vanished into the ether and I had to accept it might not return for some time.

I’ve chafed on the inside, because invisibility is part of having chronic illness, never mind deliberately choosing to be absent. Maybe you feel the same when you take a break from writing or following your usual pursuits. We ache to be known, accepted and appreciated, don’t we?

The One who knows and loves us most tends to lead us into places of greater dependence on Him in order to reveal His perspective – how God alone can fill the aching void inside…

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