Are you struggling right now? Finding it hard to relinquish juggling balls in the air? Because you need a reason, or several good reasons to deliberately drop a few, to give yourself permission to relax, take a break.

Me too. It can be hard to reconnect with our inner child, or give ourselves permission to play.

I’m a determined, pressing in and pressing on type ‘A’ woman living in a type ‘Zzzz’ body.

Nevertheless, I feel driven to push myself beyond my capabilities. Maybe you do, too?

Commonsense alone tells me to slow down, go with the flow instead of foolishly resisting rest.

My husband is home from hospital after his spinal surgery, and I’ve found myself switching into automatic pilot ‘nurse mode’ in order to care for him.

It’s been all too easy to set aside or ignore my own needs when his are paramount. My desire is to help meet his, with support from family, neighbours and friends.

And I’m discovering that this M.E depleted body and wearied mind aren’t best positioned to go at more than a snail’s pace.

I have very good reasons to keep on keeping on, but the time has come to reassess my priorities.

[bctt tweet=”We could all use a reminder to set our daily schedule with God before we break into busy”]

It helps to pray, pause and pace our way through the day. To discern what drains or energises us. To develop greater God-consciousness.

reasons to take a break - WOJ Here’s a list of 10 good reasons (in no particular order) for taking a break:
  • We’re living in the overwhelm and overload instead of the overflow
  • Body and mind are revealing early warning signs to slow down
  • We’re at risk of having a meltdown (or 2), if not a breakdown
  • Our creative well is running dry and we feel spent
  • Our mind requires a rest from constant overthinking
  • A shift of perspective or priorities is called for
  • We’re run ragged by life’s increasing demands, drained emotionally and physically
  • Our loved ones are in need of our quality time and attention
  • Sabbath breaks restore, refresh and refuel our souls
  • God is urgently whispering, “Rest” to our restless hearts

Although your reasons may differ, the need remains the same.

Over the last few weeks I’ve already had to withdraw a lot from social media and become a relative stranger to blogs I used to frequent.

After ‘Seeking Solace’ was published I was very depleted indeed and have mostly stayed that way.

My writing voice has stilled to a whisper over the last few months, the poetic well become a mere trickle.

How I long to press on with the next work in progress, but God... is asking me to lie fallow for a season while he works within to bring about the harvest He desires in my life.

And as I finally heed the call to lay down my pen, to attend to other things and eventually become rested and restored again, I sense a heavenly sigh of relief.

[bctt tweet=”Maybe this summer you could do with seeking some spiritual whitespace to let your soul breathe?”]

Maybe your body requires a rest, or your mind a break from stress?

I’m planning on taking a few weeks off from writing here, hopefully they will include the following: time to relax with loved ones, a pause to pursue alternative creative outlets as I consider how best to express my emotions with artist, Tara Leaver, (whose work and blog I love, btw), become involved with Jennifer Dukes Lee’s #HappinessDare book launch team and continue getting to grips with seeking spiritual whitespace with the help of Bonnie Gray’s beautifully inspiring book.

I also aim to assist my beloved to get back on his feet, alongside recovering some needful energy myself and prayerfully discerning the way forward creatively.

Meanwhile, I offer a closing prayer below as I invite you to linger in the archives here and consider signing up via email to receive my forthcoming subscriber-exclusive  newsletter in July and future posts to come.

prayer - reasons to take a breakDo let me know how you will be resting and relaxing, enjoying these lazier summer days. Much love and every blessing until we meet again, my friend. x  🙂