We know what we want and we want it now. Or preferably, yesterday, please? Wishing rarely gets us anywhere.

Consuming desires are fuel to a fire of impatience burning in our souls, a heat ray of longing.

A spark ignited each time we reflect on our perceived lack instead of being thankful for what we already have.

But when we draw aside from being eaten alive by greed rather than need, we find a different kind of craving taking over:

  • An ache for a break in our circumstances
  • A zest for rest
  • A longing for less stress
  • A heart hungry for love and acceptance
  • A soul seeking solace

[bctt tweet=”When we still our souls before God we’re in a good position to hear what He wants for us”]

Prayer Whisper: ‘What I want for you’

a-stilling-of-the-soul- prayer whisper WoJ-file“I want to rescue you. I want what is best for you.

To wrap you in arms of unconditional Love.

To hold you when you’re hurting.

My desires are for your highest good.

I long for you to know Me, really know Me intimately as Saviour, Lord and Friend.

I ache to restore all that is lost. I am an ardent chaser after your heart.

Come to Me, My child, and just be held.

Come to Me whenever you can.

Surrender the moments into My hands.

You are so precious to Me.

Let Me bind up your wounds, dry your tears and shelter you under My protective wings.

I am your refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.

I want you to grasp that I am all you ever really need, and to rest in My welcoming embrace.

This world tilts you sideways but I enable you to walk straight and tall as a beloved daughter/son of the King of kings.

You will want for nothing in My presence.

Just trust in Me, in My faithfulness to provide for you.

Let Me pour Hope back into your weary soul.”

[bctt tweet=”With God we lack no good thing. He teaches us to discern between our wants and needs”]

As a writer I want words to flow and the ability to share them. I’m relieved, grateful and happy to be doing both today in community with fellow five-minute-friday writers at Kate Motaung’s place as we tackle the prompt of ‘want’. You can read the great posts being shared and link up here.

And joining with friends Barbie and Carrie at ‘Let Us Walk Worthy’ as we speak out our growing faith stories to encourage one another here.