Our home has become an unnatural haven of quiet. Machines still whirr, hum and sing their song into the ether, but they don’t shout as loudly as the silence announcing that I am home alone.

My beloved husband, soul-mate and carer is absent, currently residing in a hospital bed, a busy environment that is anything but conducive to rest and recovery.

He’s fighting back tears that a stoical man hates to shed, while his post-op body rages with intense, intractable pain the medical staff can’t seem to control.

You might think how lovely it must be to have all the quiet, space and time I need to do my own thing. You would be wrong.

I can’t focus on anything, my mind’s constant chatter an unwelcome noise.

I yearn for him to have better pain management, to improve enough for a phone conversation and some semblance of normal life.

We normally live like companionable sardines, nestled together in our small home, sometimes carving out private space for our individual needs and interests.

So in this vacuum of time before healing is apparent, or discharge is possible, I am turning more frequently to the One who is my soul’s best Friend, Anchor and haven.

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And while I may find my usual measures of soul soothing are failing me, I can always find comfort in my relationship with God.

He knows my focus is shot, concentration poor, prayers paltry, body weak and weary – and He simply holds me steady, pouring His love like a liquid-honey balm into my heart.

Haven can be described as: a harbour, place of peace, protection, refuge, retreat, safety, sanctuary, security, shelter, a port in a storm – such is God to you and me.

He gives us all we need to survive and thrive during life’s painful circumstances. There is grace for it all and peace beyond our comprehension.

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I am struggling to string words together while we’re coping with this situation, therefore the offering below is a pre-written poem, which inexplicably refused to shape itself into the right formatting, sigh… 😦

Against the tide

against the tide - haven WOJCalamity cracks us open to the core

revealing our frail humanity,

exposing vulnerability – tender, flawed

Beneath this skin, the carapace I’m in,

lies a raw, wounded human being

If each person is an island, then

we’re all floating in a communal sea

desperately trying not to drown

It takes courage to swim against the tide

when there’s no sheltering place to hide,

until a safe harbour hoves into view

tugging gently on our heartstrings,

willing us to steer strong and true

Vessels rest weary, depleted, worn,

storm-battered, tattered, torn,

ready to refuel and be restored again

Seeking respite for a little longer

we prepare to face fierce winds and rain

Now with our Captain at the helm,

these surging tides no longer overwhelm


The video below reminds us of the beautiful friendship Jesus offers all who trust in Him…

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