I should yield with willing submission, but resisting rest seems to be my default mode most days as the drive to ‘do’ so often overtakes the desire to draw back, recoup and simply ‘be’.

Periods of extra busyness leave me flat-out with fatigue, yet some part of me still refuses to heed the signs. I ride the rush of adrenaline, feeling wired as a coiled up spring.

So I keep on keeping on, persuading myself that this time I will ride the waves without them crashing me breathless to the ocean floor. Foolish? You bet. Those things we long to press on with can instead become a steamroller flattening us to ground.

It makes me wonder: Are we so desirous of being busy, connected and ‘out there’ that fear of missing out persuades us to be unwise?

I know I am, more often than is helpful. When I do yield to rest, I sense God sighing with relief as I finally listen to Him.

[bctt tweet=”God won’t force us to slow down; He urges us to yield to His ways and picks us up when we fall.”]

And He provides all the rest, ease and peace we crave inside. Here’s the thing: We can relax into rest with Him any time; we don’t have to wait to be sick before we surrender.

[bctt tweet=”God’s love stretches toward us with infinite patience, complete acceptance and tender compassion.”]

If we fail to rest fully we will flounder and falter…

  • Our energy, drive and creativity will stall
  • Our joy will diminish
  • Our stress levels will rise
  • Our hope will be harder to hold onto
  • Our hearts will become heavy and burdened

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