Would you believe that I haven’t read a novel in months?’

As a professed bookworm, I’ve been sticking to my preferred genre for a while – namely non fiction – mostly memoir, devotional reflections and poetry.

My soul is craving some escapism, so I’ve chosen to lose myself in Tolstoy’s ‘War and Peace’. For. The. First. Time… gulp!

Crazy, or what? Although I have enjoyed reading Solzhenitsyn and Dostoevsky in the past.

I began ‘War and Peace’ after the TV series had commenced. My reading speed is slow because I’m more used to the dip, sip, savour or pause, ponder, pray way of digesting books rather than feasting on fiction.

[bctt tweet=”Life often feels like war and peace combined as flesh and spirit are in combat with one another.”]

Books I read invariably reveal some commonality in my own life, enlarge understanding and inform my writing.

Here, universal themes of love, hate, faith, conflict, power, politics, war and peace are already evident, as is seeing how my mind is also peopled with various ‘characters’.

Because you don’t have to be a fiction writer to have varying voices vying for attention within.

For example, some days:

  • The poet in me pleads for prominence
  • The shy child abuse survivor seeks to be seen
  • The chronically sick person wants her weak voice to be heard
  • The closed captive seeks to shed her carapace
  • The open, encouraging me endeavours to encourage and support
  • The mature (wise?) woman desires to share insights
  • The contemplative has a thoughtful offering to bring

These ‘people’ are all aspects of my character and life experience. Maybe you can see  something of yourself here too?

We have to find a way to live in harmony and balance with our disparate selves…

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