It’s that time again when winter has her icy grip upon the land.

I prefer to hug my duvet than to emerge from its warm cocoon to the colder room.

Sleep hangs around, muffling in its heavy embrace, unwilling to relinquish me to the demands of the hours.

These are days of feeling more lethargic than usual and finding it far harder to face a day.

My mind feels frozen over, winter-bare as I eventually rise, sip coffee and slowly waken to the day.

It’s also that time of the week when we aim to write within the time constraint of 5 minutes flat and share our offering for five-minute-friday.

So here’s my best attempt to be aware, savour this time to be inspired and open to the words God wants to pour from my pen on the subject of ‘time’

Living within the limits…

Time marches on inexorably

Etching its footsteps across our features

Making bodies sink lower

to the dust they came from

Leaving marks and scars of life’s assaults

and causing pain of every kind

to our bodies and our minds


We cannot stem the tide of time

that makes men shrink into their frame

and swells the joints with aches and pains

But we can learn to live and love

within its limits, to make the most

of hours and minutes before we’re

made redundant by the world

lost in the abyss or blinking

wide-eyed in the embrace of

sweet eternity’s joyful bliss


And the Lord of time Himself doesn’t

think we’re on the shelf when time

accrues, eating away at our faculties

Because time slips slow when we live

within the grace flow of Love’s decree

making moments count as time is swallowed

up by living holy mindfully

and seeing there is always work

ahead to be done by you and me


living within the limits of time - WoJ


Once again, I am awed, encouraged and grateful beyond measure for the gift of words coming in time to share them. God is so good and faithful, time after time!

Friend, may you continue to learn to live well within the limits of time and circumstance as you also live by grace in the light of eternity.

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