Having a rest sounds easy, doesn’t it? Just a sitting down, a stepping back, a laying aside for a while. Sorted. But in reality? Most of us struggle to rest fully or properly. Our bodies may be stilled but our minds spin crazy like hamsters on a wheel.

Leaning how to rest more in God has been a year-long battle for me. Living with M.E means that physical stillness and rest are essential. But achieving inner rest is far harder.

So I’ve been attempting to still my soul with centring prayer, meditation and contemplation. It’s a way of focusing more on God than on myself. And during a time of prayer I received these words about rest which helped me to gain a fresh perspective:

a stilling of the soul - prayer whisper

Reassurance about rest: Prayer Whisper

“Rest isn’t an emotion or a feeling, though at times it will seep into your mind. But the kind of rest I offer you is one that sinks into your spirit and lingers.

It’s a turning to Me, a continual attitude of trust no matter what your circumstances may be. And a gift of grace which will bring inner peace and Holy Spirit ease. This will help you to accomplish all I call you to do.

Holy reassurance is an understanding which frees you to live close to Me. Because there’s no other place you’d rather be. In knowing Me as a loving, caring Father. Then you can see I always have your best interests at heart.

The more you lean on Me, the more you will be held secure in every way. Because I created you to live in dependence on Me.

Your greatest and deepest joy will be in receiving My rest as it permeates every aspect of your life. You will grow more aware of My Presence continually watching over you like a mother hen.

I will give you strength and equipping for everything. And deep inner peace that remains. Your whole life, memories, past, present and future will be safe in My hands.

I know everything about you, My child. You can relax in My infinite love, tender compassion, unlimited mercy, forgiveness and grace. It is all I’ve ever wanted to give you. To hold you close and whisper words to help and heal. Come and rest with Me. Pour out your fears and tears. Allow Me to soothe them all. Come now…”

And this, on day 11 of #write31days with #fiveminutefreewrites (see more here), as I also join with Barbie for Weekend Whispers, is my answering prayer..

reassurance about rest prayer