How can we think or speak of love and not find ourselves face to face with Love Himself? Our perspective may be clouded and our vision impaired, but God’s love is always breaking through our days.

I’ve been marvelling at love’s rich variety, the numerous ways in which it meets with us, what a thing of wonder and beauty it is.

Yes, even when imperfectly expressed by humanity, we still reveal its glory essence.

Because God is Love. It’s His nature and defining characteristic.

And the more we rest in being the beloved, the more we seek to know Him better, the more we begin to sense the unfathomable depths of Love divine.

God’s Love is: Unmerited. Unconditional. Unlimited. Eternal. Deep. Constant. Faithful.

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The imperfect five-minute poem below is my attempt to capture just a taster of Love’s tremendous impact on the world.

This is love…

You oil the wheels of life,

smooth over pain and strife.

Glue broken hearts together,

bring joy to birth, and light

a candle burning strong within

this darkened place called Earth.


You’re the fuel and flame

teaching us to revere your Name.

A whisper, a promise, a Voice

in the night, a hand holding ours

as it squeezes tight.


You’re the song the angels sang

when their voices rang out

Good News to all mankind.

You’re the ache, empty hollow

we strive to fill with idols

and schemes, potions and pills.


You’re every man’s dream and

nightmare sometimes, the one

who beams Light and makes us blind.

You’re pure and you’re giving

into each empty space.

You’re our reason for living

and a means of grace.


Love – we sing, we write,

we marvel at Mystery

as you invite us to taste

your deep holy history


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How do you see love?

Is it only via human experience and expression, or can you sense God’s imprints in it?

Please feel free to join in the conversation below.

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