When we’re in a season of resting in God and trusting for the way ahead, it feels scary and can make us wary. It can also be a means of awakening our souls to the possible.

Those “what ifs” spring to our lips and this time they’re signalling a new beginning.

What if… God is actually bringing me through what He’s led me to?

What if… I can see a glimpse of the future as I read His word and listen to His voice?

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Because we know that with God all things are possible, yes, even for us.

Instead of allowing our minds to fearfully fixate on an unknown future, what if we used them to meditate on His continual goodness and grace?

What if we saw the possibilities yawning wide before us and said a positive yes to all that we’re about to embrace?”

Such thoughts were on my mind as I thought about today’s #write31days #fiveminutefreewrites prompt of ‘possible.’

Here’s the result…

Possible is ripe with potential.

An open door and an endlessly

extending shore.

It breathes hope

into today and says

yes to come what may.

Possible is infused with life.

Brimful with purpose and passion.

An alert call to a weary soul.

An awakening to those now sleeping.


I hear the call of possible

and fingers unfurl with

relief, let go tight hold

on today and stretch forth

toward a new tomorrow.

If it hasn’t happened yet

then it’s okay, because there’s

still time, still dreams to pursue.


I hold possible to my heart

where it beats warm and steady.

And I know you are preparing

a path, paving the way for me

to rise ready, with a smile

on my face and arms

wide open with hope to

receive every scrap of your

glorious love and your

bountiful goodness and grace.

This is day 6 of #write31days #fiveminutefreewrites  at Kate Motaung’s place, which I’m aiming to participate in as often as I can throughout October. You can discover the prompts and find out more about it here. 

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