It doesn’t take much to make us feel hurt sometimes. Sensitive people bleed easy and bruises remain.

Some wounds scar deep. The past pervades the present and we feel worn out and weary of fighting for another day.

Other wounds may be raw, fresh, scalding mind and body alike with their intensity.

Living joyfully and freely looks so enticing but how do we make the leap and traverse the chasm between where we are and where we long to be?

I’ve been a walking, crawling wounded one for many years now and some days I just want to curl into a corner, squeeze myself as small as I feel on the inside and hide away.

I love to encourage others, yet sometimes find it hard to encourage myself. Maybe you too?

When that happens, I aim to be David-like in strengthening and encouraging myself in the Lord during adverse circumstances. There is more going on than eyes can see or heart and mind realise.

Worldly lenses need to be removed and spiritual ones applied in order to see and sense the miraculous in the mundane, extraordinary in the ordinary, sacred in the secular.

And we need intercession and compassion for others to overrule dwelling on our own limited perspective of things.

Because aren’t we all hurting people in some shape or form, and doesn’t it take more than a measure of faith and grace to get through to a place of deliverance and praise?

I’ve been reading ‘Finding Spiritual Whitespace:Awakening Your Soul to Rest’ by Bonnie Gray rather sporadically over the last few weeks because I have needed long pauses to pray and work through the suggested activities in my own time.

In chapter 5 Bonnie asks us to:

‘Write a letter from Jesus to the little girl in you. What does He want to say to her? What does He see that she needs? Give yourself permission to write this letter. Allow God to love her through you.’

Here’s the result of my prayerful cry and God’s reply. As my inner child cried out to be heard, Jesus breathed these words into my mind and heart so they could find their way on to the page.

If you can relate to feeling rejected, neglected, weary and wounded, abused or refused in a deeply personal way, then this love letter from God may be helpful to you too.

I have removed a few lines destined for my heart alone, but enough remains to be shared. May it speak to the child in you, the one who remains lost and lonely, with low self-esteem, craving approval and acceptance.

May you see and believe that you already are accepted, loved, pre-approved and precious to God.

‘Letter from Jesus’



“I want you to know there is nothing to be scared of when I walk with you; nothing shall in any way harm you. You have the Light of the world living on the inside of you and the One who exchanges beauty for ashes and joy for despair.

I give you a robe of righteousness to wear and a garment of praise for a spirit of heaviness. The troubles and cares of life have sucked joy out of you, leaving an empty, hollow shell. I have come to refill you with a holy joy that no-one can take away.

This oil of joy pours from being in My Presence, seeps into the fabric of your whole being and lubricates an attitude of gratitude.

As you linger with Me, take time to rest, relax and let go your burden of care. I will refill and refuel you to shine for Me.

Those broken places and ancient ruins long devastated will be restored, rebuilt into a habitation fit for the King of kings to dwell in.

I have never left your side for a second. I have bottled all your tears, lovingly collecting them drop by drop. I have witnessed the pain of rejection and abuse you have suffered and I wept with you.

Come, My child, come close. Lay your weary, anxious head on My shoulders and let Me soothe and comfort you. You feel old beyond your years yet full of child-like yearning and longing that no-one and nothing else can satisfy.

I see the ache in your heart and I long to fill it for you. But first the ache and pain must be accepted and acknowledged, the emptiness, joylessness, guilt, shame and despair seen and confessed so I can address them.

You hold back from fully loving those closest to you because you feel afraid that deep down you are unlovable and they’ll reject you if you open yourself fully to them. This fear is unfounded. They see the ‘real’ you and, just as I do, they love you for who you are, as a person of worth and value in her own right ~ yes, even as a flawed and fallible ‘work in progress.’

Do not be so hard on yourself or critical of who you are. I made you, created you to fill a role and live a life tailor-made that only you can fill and live out to fulfil My plans and purposes. See yourself through My eyes, believe you are beautiful in My sight and precious to Me just as you are

Take My hand and walk with Me. I will lead you to safe pasture. I will give you rest and ease, bring a lasting peace no matter what circumstances you go through. Trust Me to take very good care of you all the days of your life and beyond into eternity.

One day you will laugh and dance with Me. One day you will be free from wounds and pain, and your tears will only be those of joy and delight in My constant Presence.

You will know and be fully known, love and be completely loved for ever. I promise.
Love always, Jesus.”


Linking here with encouraging friends, Holley and Jennifer as we seek to share coffee for your heart and tell His story in the process. You are very welcome and warmly invited to join in.