Of all the journeys we make, none take so long nor have such a lasting effect on our lives as our journey of life and faith.

And within that journey, one of the hardest routes is this ~ the one God’s word needs to negotiate to have its fullest impact ~ the distance between our head and our heart.

A mere 12 inches or so can feel like many miles of weary trudging with no respite or end in sight. We believe but we somehow fail to receive.

We long for instant inspiration, restoration and change, only God takes His time with us.

His best and deepest work cannot be rushed. We are continual works in progress, slowly being sanctified day by day from one degree of glory to another.

For change to be lasting and effective, we need a revelation on who we are in Christ and how that impacts everything else. 

Every step we take. Every relationship we make. Every mistake we hesitate over. Every word we utter, every desire to be seen, heard or to take cover.

It has taken me many years to grasp the fundamentals of this alone. I’m a slow learner.

I’ve travelled a path of guilt and shame, worn it into dirt and ashes, lost myself in its greyness, choked on the dust of it.

Become unravelled as it spooled out before me in torn and tangled threads.

Failed to see how beauty could come out of ashes, joy out of despair, hope from helplessness. 

But God.. is teaching me to see myself whole, healed and restored in Him.

As wounded ones with broken wings we feel tethered to earth.

Weighed down and set aside.

Until God gently lifts us up and sets us free to fly again.

His current of grace and mercy revives and refreshes all who are weary and wounded.

We are enabled to fly free and whole within the very air He breathes.

And to discover holy ground is also here; for in the things of earth, in the mud of the mundane and soil of the secular His Presence still surrounds us.

Though shame and guilt seek to pull us back to grubbing in dirt and ashes if we let them, they have no lasting hold over us.

Because as long as we learn to accept His forgiveness, and forgive ourselves as well, there is nothing stopping us from travelling light, flying free and soaring high. 

Every journey we take eventually leads us back to the Father’s arms, back to His loving embrace.

We are returning to the place where we came from and will always belong ~ the place of completeness, goodness, forgiveness, love, acceptance and grace.

Our heavenly home made manifest in God’s kingdom on earth, where its roots dig deep into our souls, with its fullness to come in eternity.

And this home may be the last place we think to look as we make our restless travels and travails of the soul as prodigal sojourners here.

But it is the only place where we can be truly free to be ourselves as God intended us to be, and fully, unconditionally loved just as we are.

Emily Wierenga, (who I have quoted from above) finally found herself flying free after her many journeys away in body, mind and spirit eventually led her to a place of grace and healing.

She writes vividly about the process in her inspiring book, ‘Atlas Girl’ (You can click here to check it out and see my review) and discover more about her journey of life and faith on her beautiful blog. 

This post has been inspired by reading her candid and moving memoir. I encourage you to read it too and find inspiration for your own journey of life and faith.