Welcome to a space and place where there is friendship, companionship and sharing. Here, as I participate in Five Minute Friday, perfection is laid aside and words pour out freely with no over-thinking, editing or worry.

It’s a great writing challenge that often stir deep waters from within as memory rises to the surface.

Today’s prompt is:‘Lonely’



Lonely is a space to crawl into, away from noise and clamour of voices that shout too loud or whisper with hot-breathed closeness, singing a song she has no words for or ability to join in.
A seemingly safe and warm place where dreams dwell and longings lie in soft hushed sighs and tears flow free.
A life peopled by those meant to be family and all but a few are strangers to her heart. 
They push away and reject the essence of her personality and crush her fragile heart as rose petals falling to ground.
She looks hard in all the wrong places for love and acceptance, with resigned willingness to bend to another’s idea of belonging and togetherness.
Though a stone sits heavy and sinks inside her as she tastes bitter waters rising.
There is no true belonging here.

Her heart empty with a God-shaped hole crying out for a Saviour.
He comes.
Hands open in offering.
He gives freely where others simply took.
He loves unconditionally.
He fills her heart to overflowing with a new song.
This is Jesus – her Heavenly bridegroom.
She will be His and belong to Him for all eternity.

She may feel alone sometimes, even in a sea of faces, but she is lonely no longer.


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