A touching scene.

Mother and babies swimming along serenely.

A riverside walk with glories for eyes to see, though most were glued to a screen.

Walking blind.

Hand, mind and will absorbed by electronic communications.

Totally oblivious to the wonders around them.

Beauty all around in sight, sense and sound.

One watched and wondered. 

He had eyes to notice that there were more cygnets born fluffy-soft, downy-brown and small in the nest than remained close to mother now as they floated along in their watery home.

His sight undimmed to life around. His senses attuned. 

Yet his own appearance meant that others gave him a wide berth.

Nothing fragrant here. Shabby, grass and life-stained clothes hanging loose on his frame.

Scuffed, messy, and marked out by his strangeness. 

A man on the margins. Adrift from the crowd. Alone and apart.

Holding hope and compassion for these creatures in his heart…and a bottle of booze in his hand.

More glinted close by. Fag dangling limp from sweat and saliva-slicked lips.

Heat and odours rising as he moved to settle more comfortably.

Not a man to deserve a second glance. Only a quick glimpse and quicker retreat.

But he saw things other eyes failed to see

Swans afloat with cygnets missing. 

Weeping willows bent double to kiss water.

White poplars bestowing snowy kisses falling like manna on a toddler’s upturned face.

Fish frolicking beneath the river’s surface.

On the road above, holiday traffic sounds muted, yet there is a discernible hum of cruisers on this floating pathway as they chug-purr soft and slow to aid a tan.
Passersby linger at a bridge spanning sun-drenched path and cool, watery splash beneath.

Dragonflies hover in an iridescently vivid dance.

For there is much to see with eyes wide open

We see how God loves the tramp/wino/hobo (if we care to label folk as such) as much as He loves us.
We see that “there but for the grace of God go you and I”.
We see how unprepossessing,stumbling, clumsy, unformed creatures can become white with purity and grace.

Recognising, with awe-struck, thankful hearts, that God deliberately chooses men and women that the culture overlooks, exploits and abuses.

He specialises in making somebodies out of nobodies.

For our fallenness cannot keep us from being beautiful in God’s sight 

We can miss so much of life around us if we don’t take time to look.

Sometimes it’s good to peel our eyes away from the screens of our life and focus them on the colourful canvas of creation which God has given for our enjoyment.

This world is a showcase for His glory.

And we are the pinnacle of His creation.

My friend, you are dearly loved and precious to God. He sees beauty in you, even if you or others fail to.

But His desire is for you to see it too, to sense the potential you have as a child of God.

Take a look in the mirror of His word and breathe deep the sweet promises of who you are in Christ. Savour life-giving,soul nourishing, transformational truth.

Notice the difference it can bring to how you see yourself and others.

In Him you are chosen, special, precious, loved and gifted, a work in progress, being changed from glory to glory, a trophy of His grace, undergoing healing and restoration, and a recipient of His goodness for today and eternity.

I am thankful the man viewing swans had eyes to see beauty in the world around him.

And I’m even more grateful for how God notices us, His hands offering all of life’s fullness and potential to you and me.

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