Welcome to Five Minute Friday, a great creative exercise which yields surprising richness in a short space of time.

This is where we write from the heart as words pour out as water, spilling on to the page with no worry about over-thinking or perfection.

Today’s prompt is:‘Broken’


Broken Image

Seeing a mirror image
flawed, imperfect
drowning in brokenness
where we see cracks
 you see courage
where we see flaws
you see a flood of forgiveness
where we see holes
you see opportunities to fill
our woundedness 
mirroring your own
as you took human flesh
our brokenness 
like your body
pierced and torn
wearing our darkness
corruption within
and now we lift eyes 
still hesitant to view
ourselves afresh in you
for you see 
beauty in ashes
hope in despair
joy in grief
through pain
and you bring 
of all we have lost
broken lives
minds and bodies
can be healed 
and made new
let love embrace
let grace repair
all broken places
we despair of 
ever being mended
seeing in the glass 
darkly here
until you lift the veil
reveal the glory
your light within
make us whole again
let us know that
renewal, hope
and healing is here
if we only look
away from ourselves
and up to you
the Mirror 
of our wholeness


You are very welcome and warmly encouraged to join in.

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