Much as a drop of water falling into a still pond creates ripples beyond its size, so does breaking the silence of a quiet retreat.

Before we know it, the world invades thoughts and demands attention.

As I found my phone receiving a signal for the first time in several days, I was alerted to the fact that I had a guest blog post due sooner than anticipated. 

No more social media fast. 

This meant getting down to business quickly to ensure all was ready when required!

It had been (and still is) my intention to spend time absorbing and assimilating the experience of ‘time-out’ from the busyness of modern life. I have returned desiring to be still and quiet for a little longer as I enjoy reflecting on the things I have learnt before deciding what could be shared.

So today, instead of sharing my retreat experience, I am honoured and delighted to be participating in my friend, Dave Wonder’s intriguing series on ‘The Alphabet of Manly Virtues’ which is examining various character traits of godly men.

I’m looking at this topic from the perspective of ‘What women want’ as viewed from my personal experience, having spoken previously here about my husband and his part in holding our marriage together.

It starts here:

Imagine you are asked what qualities to look for in a man, the person you love who will ultimately share your life, hopes and dreams. I’m considering this thought based on the  letter ‘I’.

Should it be someone with an in-built desire to please? How about ignorance (real or pretended) of our flaws, faults and failings? An impossibly large bank balance might come in handy for all the clothes and shoes women usually love to purchase.

It is helpful for him to be inspiring, to use his own initiative, be imaginative and innovative when it comes to life’s tricky problems. I wouldn’t want a man to be insensitive, intolerant, or an irritable ingrate either.

As it so happens, I have ‘one I made earlier’ (or rather God provided) already safely ensconced at home. He is interesting, intelligent, informative, and (best of all) comes with an innate desire to please me. What more could a woman want?….

Do come over with me to Dave’s place, ‘More than a Beard’, (a place for discussion of godly manhood) by clicking on the link to read the rest…

I hope to resume blogging as usual (and answer your lovely comments on my previous post) in the near future – health permitting, of course.

Meanwhile, may you all stay blessed and encouraged in the Lord who strengthens us for every good work to His praise and glory.